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Minnesota Review
Volume: 89 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Allison Adair
Herr's Ridge, 1983: A Reenactment

Michael Alessi
Laughing Dog

Emma Bolden
After Twenty Years of Trying I Decided to Be

Alan Chazaro
Soundscape as Sestina

Alex Chertok
Priapus Waking Up Hard

Charlotte Covey
signing ceremony

Ally Covino

Chelsea Dingman
Girl in the Sky

James Dunlap
and the blade whistles

Stevie Edwards
What I Left

Corey Ginsberg
When Tuna Helper Needs Help

Rasma Haidri
American Fair

Shen Haobo
The Death Issue in Our Place

Marlin M. Jenkins

Hillary Kobernick
Little Boats for Flat Chest Dresses

Brianna Noll
Beyond the Vanishing Point

Willy Palomo
Papi's Angel Teaches Me the Value of Shoes

Samuel Piccone

Jim Redmond
Scientific Methods

Natalie Louise Tombasco
Grandpa in a Jar

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marlin M. Jenkins