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Adroit Journal
Volume: 26 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Theis Anderson
Three Fields to Leave You

Jericho Brown
After Essex Hemphill
The Long Way
The Peaches

Kristin Chang
Girl on Girl on Fire

Kyle Dargan
A Study in Aging

Alex Dimitrov

Logan February
Desire Is Poured Upon Your Lovely Face Aphrodite Has Honored You Exceedingly
The Dead Boy Is Poured Back Into His Body

Bernard Ferguson
The Immigrant Drafts a Cover Letter

Megan Fernandes
Venus, Aged

Paul Guest
Failed Attempts at Explanation

zakia henderson-brown
I Was Getting Out of Your Way

Melissa Lozada-Oliva
There Is So Much Pressure in a White Dress

Aurielle Marie
A Cleave for the Women Who Lay in My Mess

Kalvin Marquiz
Dreams of Mississippi Burning

Corey Miller

Nancy Reddy
Family Portrait with Forsythia and Hunting Rifle

Caitlin Roach

Lauren Sanderson
The Fall

Austin Smith
Wounded Men Seldom Come Home to Die

Allison Stine
The Experiment
Safe House

Anna Tomlinson
Riding the Empire Builder
Cradle of Silt

Brad Trumpfheller
Catalog of Divine Encounters in Mobile County, Alabama

Rushi Vyas
Funeral: Durga Puja

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jericho Brown
After Essex Hemphill; The Long Way; The Peaches


Alex Dimitrov


Caitlin Roach