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Copper Nickel
Volume: 27 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Jenny Boychuk
Doctor's Appointment, After Her Death
Half-Moon Elegy

Zoe Brigley
Un/dressing Beatitudes

Erika Jo Brown
Mary Ruefle Poem

James Byrne
The Triumph of Fire

Vahni Capildeo
Everything Becomes Holy at Six O'Clock

Emily J. Cousins
Poem at the Entrance

Martin Dyar

Elaine Feeney
Buy yourself a routine. Run like clockwerk. Take the pills.

Cristina Rivera Garza
the many lies of the place
First counsel: Do you want to know how it feels?
the tell of the true addict

Benjamin Grossberg
Missed Connections

Michael Homolka
On the Disappointing Nature of Spirituality

T. R. Hummer
A Monument

Christopher Kempf
Senior Night

Victoria Kennefick
Corpus Christi Procession

L. S. Klatt

John Koethe
Tempting Fate

Corey Marks
Conversation with a Dead Cicada

Kathleen McGookey
The School of Anguish
The Haunting

Becka Mara Mckay
[DONKEY'S BREAKFAST: A straw mattress in a sailor's bunk]

Juan J. Morales
Secret Maintenance

Manuela Moser
On writing about my grandfather

Hera Naguib
Self-Portrait as a Khamba in a Sabzi Mandi in Lahore

Carsten Rene Nielsen
Grand Piano

Conor O'Callaghan
In Memory of the Recent Past
Upon the Very Nature of Loss

Paul Otremba
Cabin in the Woods
Hail the Lizard

Paul Perry
Leonara's Violin

Michael Pontacoloni
Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

Paige Quinones
Still Life with Wadded Paper Towels

Sam Riviere
Regine of Signs
In the Provinces

Caitlin Roach
to bernadette

Arthur Russell
Burning Garbage

Francis Santana
A Tiger
Unpromised Land

Stephen Sexton

Lorna Shaughnessy
Bishop's Quay

Emily Skaja
Dear Emily

Molly Spencer
Disclosures | If You are Aware of Any Nuissance Animals Such as Crows, Chickens, or Barking Dogs

Vanessa Stauffer
Jean de Fiennes (The Young Man)

Jessica Lynn Suchon
Ars Poetic with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Khal Torabully
[As a guest at the bash]
[With my tottering soul]
[My naked people]

Jessica Traynor
Photographing the Dead

Corey Van Landingham
Great American Ball Park

Chelsea Wagenaar
September Psalm

Christopher Warner
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

Jonathon Weinert
The Story of My Life

Mike White

Chrissy Williams
Casual Arousal in Murnau's Faust
from Recovered Text Drafts

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Benjamin Grossberg
Missed Connections


L. S. Klatt


John Koethe
Tempting Fate


Paul Otremba
Cabin in the Woods; Hail the Lizard


Caitlin Roach
to bernadette


Francis Santana
A Tiger; Nourishment; Unpromised Land