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Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Volume: 19.4 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Jacquelyn Bengfort
The Facts of Life

Grace Cavalieri
In Every Dream an Orphan Builds a House

Efia Dalili
Tropic of Cancer
A Cloud Unzipped
If You

Mary Anna Dunn

Kristin Kowalski Ferragut
Oracle of the First Kiss

Summer Hardinge
As Powerful as a Gun

Virginia Hartman
A Present

Katherine Anderson Howell

Gemelle John
if grief plural
If you count

Devon Miller-Duggan
Prayer of Dismissal
How to Accurately Predict the Exact Date of the Second Coming

Deborah A. Miranda
After Charlottesville
The Last Poem
Coraz?n Espinado

Susan Bucci Mockler
Mathematics of a Storm Surge

Lalita Noronha

Lara Payne
Early Spring, All Month Long
Equinox, Maryland

Paula Persoleo
How We Were, How We Are

M. F. Simone Roberts
Of Course, Volcanic Activity Has Nothing To Do With Climate Change

Adrianna Smith
Tender Days

Lindsey Spanner

Pamela Murray Winters
Rochester and Jane on the Kiss-Cam

Diana Woodcock
Svalbard Global Seed Vault
After Reading Steps Toward a Small Theory of the Visible by John Berger

Poets of Interest in this issue: