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Another Chicago Magazine
Volume: 56 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Janelle Adsit
In Case of Death or Divorce, Which Are Not the Same Thing

Tracy Ahrens
secrets in the soil

Patsy Asuncion
Back Street
Way Home

Tetman Callis
burning man

M. Doretta Cornell
On Losing Our Names

Laura Cesarco Eglin
Index Finger For Touching
It Takes Strength
Staying Connected
Love Poem

Joanna Fuhrman
The Bad Witness

Jeannine Hall Gailey
Lights Out
Sitting By Yourself at the End of the World ? I Mean, Year

Reginald Gibbons
Ares, the God of Blades
Pardon Me

Dan Howell
In the High Desert of California

Asdis Ingolfsdottir
Applied Chemistry

Kelsey Ann Kerr
How memories turn

Steve Kistulentz
Theosophy Number One
It Is All Falling Indelibly Into the Past

Laurinda Lind
lood Relatives

Mike Pulley
The Fifties
Out of Place

Stephanie Schlaifer
Well Waiting Room

Sharon Scholl

Sarah Van Arsdale
Tulip Heart

Mark Wagenaar
Ascension Blues

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Reginald Gibbons
Ares, the God of Blades; Pardon Me


Mark Wagenaar
Ascension Blues