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Cincinnati Review
Volume: 15.2 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Susan Austin
My Sparrow

Geoffrey Babbit
His Felpham Cottage

Michael Bazzett
The Trail

Joseph J. Capista
Crossing Guard a Acheron Elementary

Dorothy Chan
So Chinese Girl
The Soap Opera of My Body (The Two-Headed Version)

Heather Christle
On the Prevention of Further Mistakes

Peter Covino
Departure: Flight

Brian Culhane
Just Before, or Right After, the Fall of Rome

Nandini Dhar
Elegy in Norms

Juliana Gray
The Skaters

Jackson Holbert

Carolina Hotchandani
The Pitted Bones

Michael Hurley
Barnum at Nine
Barnum Dreams of Abe Lincoln Before Visiting the White House

Kimberly Johnson

Jennifer Key
Rich People in Paintings

Benjamin Naka-Hasebe Kingsley
The Damned: Our Blue Yodel No. 9

Sophie Klahr
from Like Nebraska

Christopher Kondrich
The One Story

Keith Kopka
Georgic on the Boston Comma

Lindsay Lusby
You Are My Lucky Star

Amit Majmudar
I Carceri

Ted McCarthy
Agnus Dei

Rose McLarney
How We Celebrated
Old Road

Tyler Mills
Ethnographer's Notes: Tiny Catastrophes of Everyday Existence

Ailbhe Ni Ghearbhuigh
Sunday Morning in Rennes

Jill Osier
Cloud Physics

Kevin Phan
Punch Line

Ramsay Randall
Boeotian Café

Jonatan Reyes
Murmur of the Bay

Francis Santana
Women of the Cohoba

Matthew Siegel
Why I Shouldn't Be Invited to Your Party

Martha Silano
When I saw the loblolly pine,

Sophia Starmack
The Tiger

Sasha West
McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Heather Christle
On the Prevention of Further Mistakes


Amit Majmudar
I Carceri


Kevin Phan
Punch Line


Francis Santana
Women of the Cohoba