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Cosmonauts Avenue
Volume: 2018.07 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Colette Arrand
When Men Regard My Body

Destiny Birdsong
i too sing america

Faylita Hicks

Natalie E. Illum
I Know It's Easier For You

Karen An-hwei Lee
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Kombucha and Xenophobia
Dear Tokubetsu, or the Octopus Jar as a Broken Heart

Dolly Lemke
This Is It and You Know It

Nisa Malli
Things with No Home
Towards a Unified Theory of Relative Productivity

Maitreyi Ray
My White Ex Wouldn't Let Me Hang Up Political Posters in Our Apartment Because She Thought They Were Aggressive

Caitlin Thomson
29 Euphemisms for Death

Rashanda Williams

Poets of Interest in this issue: