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Court Green
Volume: 14 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Jay Besemer
Make a Wish

Bryan Borland
Second Leg

Jan Bottiglieri
Chapter 1: Credits and Forward
Chapter 3: Emotional Response
Chapter 8: Leon's Hotel Room
Chapter 25: Right Moves
Chapter 27: No Way to Treat a Friend

Lisa Fishman

Zachary Zalman Green
Go to Your Ghosts
Guest Water

Rebecca Lehmann
Locker Room Talk

Randall Mann

Matt McBride
The Party
Poem with a Hole in the Middle

Michael Montlack
No One Imagines Clowns Having Sex
Where Are They Now: Peppermint Patty
Being a Gay Boy in the 80's

Maureen Seaton
Splitting the Atom
Avoiding Suicide

Sandra Simonds
from Atopia

Ed Smith
Letter from the Grave
Ode to a Streetlight
The Poem That Cannot Be
Cheating the Stork
Dear Fuckface Asshole Jerk
You Can't Legistlate Maturity
My Last Beer
15 Line Sonnet
Art and Poetry
Seat 47K

Lily Someson
How to Write to Your Inmate
I Want to Say I Found My Father's Letters
Poem in Which My Father Is Trapped in a Jail Cell
Poem Made of My Father's Letters to My Mother, 2004-2014

James Thomas Stevens
from The Golden Book
Why Wake to Light the Moon?

Kelsi Vanada
Cow Sense
Make Believe

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Rebecca Lehmann
Locker Room Talk


Sandra Simonds
from Atopia