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Crab Orchard Review
Volume: 23.2 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Lauren Alleyne
Elegy or When Daughters Drown Their Fathers
She who wears horns and weeps

Idris Anderson
Sugar House

Jose Manuel Arango
Selena: a study of recurrence/worry
St. Peter to Joseph

Jacob Boyd
One Looks at Two

Anne Champion
I Want to Marry a Communist

Martha Christina

Jessica Cuello

Melissa Cundieff-Pexa

Reilly Cundiff
58 bald eagles

Raphael Dagold
Night and a Morning and a Day

Lauren Davis
Pilgrimate to Saint Sara

Rebecca Dunham
The Fall of Manna

Saddiq Dzukogi

Kerry James Evans
Whataburger Is an Allegory for Everything

Allison Funk
The House Woman's Double

Colette Anderson Gill
Ghazal for Akhmatova & Petersburg, 2008

Rachael Hagglund
Mother Tongue

Lois Marie Harrod
The Hinged Heart

Amanda Hawkins
Driving Home the Ashes

J. J. Hernandez
The Tangerine Packing House
Death Drive

Alisha Erin Hillam
The Circus

Cynthia Hughes
Riding the Canadian Central

Lizzie Hutton
Marriage: The Factory
Vacation: Berlin

Lindsay Illich

Madison Jones

Elisa Karbin
Summer Squall

David M. Katz

Kara Krewer
Last Name

Han-Jae Lee
Wated Tire

Emily Leithauser
The Cliffs of Moher

Esther Lin
Cholera Is What My Grandfatherd Did During the War

Brynn Martin
My Mother's Nipples

Orlando Ricardo Menes

Michael Meyerhofer
Urban Legend

Susan Bucci Mockler
When Omair Shaaban Teaches Us How to Survive

Travis Mossotti
Deja Entendu

Richard Newman
Donut Tree

Brianna Noll
The Night the Coffins Open to Reveal Themselves Empty

William Notter
Post Office in the Old Confederate Capital

Bibhu Padhi
Storm in Summer
Time Is Here Still.

Anne Delana Reeves
A Garden in Winter
Deer Season

Trish Reeves
And Someone Said 'Forever'

John Repp
The Salt Hay

Billy Reynolds
Sitting in the Car with Huck

Leona Sevick
Doll's House, Provincetown Museum

Emily Skaja
The Brute / Brute Heart

Yerra Sugarman
The Teacher

Avia Tadmor
Ruth after Crossing the Water

Sunni Brown Wilkinson
My Son Says He Has an Owl Inside Him--
Girls of the Underworld
Butter on the Bread and Honey on the Butter

Ian Williams
Boys Will Be Boys: A Confession

Kiani Yiu

Josephine Yu
In Times Such as These, We Find We Must Make Do

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Rebecca Dunham
The Fall of Manna


Kerry James Evans
Whataburger Is an Allegory for Everything


Allison Funk
The House Woman's Double