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Volume: 97 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Asnia Asim
Shoemaker in Fallujah

Claire Bateman
Wonders of the Invisible World

Bruce Beasley
Mappamundi Ouroboros

Cindy Beebe

Tara Bray
Bird on Knee
It Began with the Beginning…

Peter Cooley
Little Allegory
Little Black Song…

Stephen Haven
Rusted Chain
Yanjing Beer

Paul Mariani
Coming back from the dead

Les Murray
Stuart Devlin’s Sculpture

Daniel Priest
I Stand and Knock
The Flies and the Scorpion

Bobby C. Rogers
Christmas Card from Kentucky

Lisa Russ Spaar
Transmigration Madrigal
Madrigal Aestival

Poets of Interest in this issue: