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Heavy Feather Review
Volume: 6 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Sara Adams
Head Librarian
Love Poem
His Heart Was Shit

Kailey Alyssa
hunting ground

Ryan Bollenbach
sometimes the word for tender isnt tender
sometimes the word for tender isnt tender

Jacqueline Boucher

Nathan Wade Carter
Impossibly Large Horn

Anne Champion
Anne Sexton Prepares for the End

Kamden Hilliard
Goat Theory

merritt k
What I Meant When I Handed You the Key

C. M. Keehl
an act of desperation
abode alone in suburbia// chaos terrain

David Need
from Goodnight Irene

T. A. Noonan
Principia // Love Song for Faye Valentine

Emily O'Neill
Preparing My Own Death

MJ Santiago
Some Are Good People

Dennis James Sweeney
705S 6540?E
7045?S 1230?E
7658?S 14845?W
7514?S 4545?W
6922?S 1391?E

David Wojciechowski
[In this dream Im running a dream farm]
[There werent as many gunfights]
[Boy wakes up]

Poets of Interest in this issue: