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American Journal of Poetry
Volume: 2 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Jose A. Alcantara
On Aging

Carol Alexander
Children's Stories

Dick Allen
Poem with Phrases of Three Other Poems and Words From a Few Songs Embedded in It

Kelli Allen
The tortoise shell maps every star

Dick Allen

Kelli Allen
All I can see burning, and no reflection

David Alpaugh

Heather Altfeld
The Glymphatic System

Dick Altman
The Visitor

Jennifer Atkinson
Little Song on Hiroshima Day

David Axelrod

Walter Bargen
Feasting on Stardom

David Bart
White Water

Alan Basting

Janee J. Baugher
The Fifth

Brian Beatty
Late Last Night
When the Time Comes
How to Play Folk Guitar
The Purpose of Spirit Animals

Gabrielle Becker

Robin Behn
The Wildness

Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Bruce Bond

Marianne Boruch
On Halos

Robert Brickhouse
Names of Old Teammates

Rob Carney
Since They Ran Out of Money in Pleasant Grove,

Richard Carr

Jeremy Casabella
S-P-A-G-E-T-T-I, Spaghetti
Unititled (for myself)

Steve Castro
Two-Bullet Cowgirl Blues
The Undertaker
The Wake

Joseph A. Chelius
Straightening the Garage

Kelly Cherry
Crossing the Field

Eric Chiles
The angry donut

Scott Coffel
Gingerly Across the Mudflats

Brendan Constantine
The Opposites Game
Nights with the man who was not our father

Rob Cook
The Beginning of the World
Please No President

Peter Cooley

Thomas Rain Crowe
Spell (poem for electric guitar and voice)

Elizabeth Crowell
The Longest Day

Peter J. Curry
Goodbye, Miss New Jersey
Reiko, Singing

Mark DeCarteret
The Last Ever Monster Poem
The Idea of Order in FL

Chard deNiord
To the End

Emari DiGiorgio
Origami Woman

Kitty Donnelly

B. J. Duffy
A Beckoning
A Well Known Call

Susan Elbe
Song for My Winter Self

Rebecca Ellis
Marilyn Monroe's Cooking School

Peter Everwine
Making Salamis

James O. Ferrugia
Paint it Black
A Balancing Act Wherein the Crowd Fesses Up

Gary Fincke
Saturday Night, East Liberty

John Findura
Blankness Does Not Mean the Same As Emptyness

Eric Follett
Roadside Geology of Idaho

Stuart Forrest
Modern Diet
One Small House

Jeff Friedman

Timothy Geiger
Brad Meinholdt Can Burn in Hell
Amanda from Queens
Driving into Oblivion

Stephen Gibson
Vintage Animal Postcard Photos

Sherine Gilmour
Sad Animals I

Peter Joseph Gloviczki
After Havel
Rosetta Stone

Mark R. Gray

Mark Halliday
Eleven Pennies

David Hamilton
The Next Step

Ryan Harper

Melanie Henderson
Pistol in the Pulpit

Bob Hicok
The home

Ditta Baron Hoeber
Cakes and Emily

Tom Holmes
The First Line of Prayer
Guide to Medieval Reading

John Calvin Hughes
Bear This Mild Yoke
By and By Black Night

Tom C. Hunley
Sonnet I
Wearing Suits The Way Trees Wear Snow
I Drink Carpet Cleaner And Meet The Wind’s Lonely Sister

Mark Jarman
Cause Me To Hear
Chemo Wrenched her Aching Back

Edison Jennings
Tipple Town

Betsy Johnson-Miller
first-time car buyers
Why I can’t remember my dreams

Troy Jollimore
Silence and Residue of Waters

Daryl Jones
Elegy for My Family

George Kalamaras
Jack Huntley and Ivan James Go Rabbit Hunting with Their Dogs
The Now-Wet Slapping in the Throat
Recipe for Cooking the Heart of a Hound

Christos Kalli
Dry Humming
Mist Behave

Garret Keizer
Short Adventure

Ben Kingsley
Beneath Carnival Lights
0 to 60--One Horse in a Field

David Kirby
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Psalm 150

Peter Kline
Mirrorform: Daredevil
Mirrorform: Convalescent
Mirrorform: Minimalist
Mirrorform: Agnostic
Mirrorform: Adolescent

Steven Knepper
Carousel Man
Deer Rifle

Lynne Knight
Objects in Mirror Appear Closer Than They Are

Steve Kronen

Anatoly Kudryavitsky
The Way of the Wings
A Little Extra Challenge

Daniel Lawless
Between Heaven and Hell
Dear Dewi

Sydney Lea

Sue Lick
Catholic at the Holy Roller Church
Shooting in San Berdoo

Timothy Liu
Army of Me
Live Through This

Clint Margrave
My Therapist Says I Should Date Myself
Hitler-loving Sex Robot

Julianna McCarthy
When the Headlight Trail Crossing the Ceiling Wakes
Cynthia as the Moon
Ars Poetica

Michael McManus
Taking Leave in Pennsylvania

Wesley McNair
This Poem

Christopher Merrill

Michael Meyerhofer
Divine Witness
Patriotic Cookie
Ode to Silhouettes

E. Ethelbert Miller
Slave Narratives

Judith H. Montgomery
Twisted Ladder Stitch
Doing What I'm Doing
Echo Baby Blue

Daniel Moore
Locks, Rust And The Goddess Of Trust

Thylias Moss
Beautiful Drowning
Beautiful Drowning (an other side, from depths of the pond: Take What You Can Suite)

Eileen Murphy

Michelle Murphy

Dustin Nightingale
Apology to the First Creative Writing Class I Ever Taught
The Moon
Passive Aggressive

Ed O'Casey
What do you call a ghost with huge breasts?
Sorry I missed her

Martin Ott

Eric Pankey
The Attention An Enigma Demands
Lines at Midsummer
The Intervening Years

Sarah Pape
Orphans Come to Witness Our Wedding
How to Be a Beaver

Jacob Paul Patchen
Shadows in the Lamplight

George Perreault
Cirque du Soleil

Michael Lee Phillips
At Trona

D. A. Powell
Learning to Paint
In Search of New Gardens

Matt Prater
The Holy Shadows
September Of My Years

David B. Prather

Ned Randle
Rainy Days and

Catherine Rankovic
Carol Burnett's Daughter (1963 - 2002)

David Ricchiute

Brad Rose
But Not Always

Ellen Sander
Versions of My Parents’ Marriage

Gerard Sarnat
cold turkey diary

Anum Sattar
The Huntsman
Family Tables

Tina Schumann
Rehab Fugue #1

Guy Serle
The Little Blackbird In the Wine Glass

Leonora Simonovis-Brown

J. R. Solonche
Toy Poem

Elizabeth Spires

Annie Stenzel
Hear that lonesome whistle blow
“Somebody loves us all”

John Stupp
Only God is Perfect
Out West
Back Then
For Felix

Cole Swensen
Collected Anonymous Lakes
Collected Anonymous Snow
Collected Anonymity

James Tolan
Spikes Driven into Oak

Nance Van Winckel
The Last Good Leg's Kicked Away,

Jon Veinberg
Yellow Jackets
BLT with Avocado & a Bloody Mary

Robert Vivian

Joan White
Prague Spring, 1968
In the Beginning

Cosntant L. Williams
Life Speeds Up, Body Slows Down

Ian Randall Wilson
The Interference of the Women
Comely Vision

Jonah Winter
The Thing Which Was Like a Thing
Sestina: Paranoia

Cecilia Woloch
The Poor are Always with Us

Sarah Ann Woodbury
My Blind Brother, Who Went Insane
The Stars are Stuffed with Far Too Many Words

David Yezzi
Low Ceiling

Gary Young
On Sunday afternoons,

Micah Zevin
Refuge (Customer Service Chronicles Volume II)

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jennifer Atkinson
Little Song on Hiroshima Day


Bruce Bond


Marianne Boruch
On Halos


Mark Halliday
Eleven Pennies; Goose


Bob Hicok
The home


George Kalamaras
Jack Huntley and Ivan James Go Rabbit Hunting with Their Dogs; The Now-Wet Slapping in the Throat; Recipe for Cooking the Heart of a Hound


Thylias Moss
Beautiful Drowning; Beautiful Drowning (an other side, from depths of the pond: Take What You Can Suite)


Eric Pankey
Souvenirs; The Attention An Enigma Demands; Lines at Midsummer; The Intervening Years


D. A. Powell
Learning to Paint; In Search of New Gardens


Cole Swensen
Collected Anonymous Lakes; Collected Anonymous Snow; Collected Anonymity