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New Ohio Review
Volume: 24 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Kirsten Abel
On the Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles
Calling Annie Oakley

Linda Bamber
The Blackbird Whistling
Trees in March
Mango Languages

Lisa Bellamy
Naked, Fierce, Yelling Stone Age Grannies
Our Fathers

Karen Benning
Thing-Poem After the Social Event

Theresa Burns
Women in Treatment

Catherine Carter
Happy Lamp

Jessica Cuello
My Babysitter Karen B Who Was Sent to Willard Asylum

Pamela Davis
The Petrified Man

Owen Doyle
Wex in Totus Taggle

C. W. Emerson
Stopover on a Road Trip to L.A., 1981

Brock Guthrie
My Father Visits Not Long After My Mother (His Wife Twenty Years Ago) Dies

W. J. Herbert
Bay Sunday

Linda Hillringhosue

Tony Hoagland
The Missing Friendship Network

David Brendan Hopes
Near the Campo Aponal, on My Father's Birthday

George Kalogeris
Calchas Reading the Signs

David Kirby
Europeans Wrapping Knickknacks

Peter Krumbach

Danusha Lameris

Suzanne Lummis
We Have Got to Get Out of L.A.

Arlyce Menzies
Stateline Lake

Molly Minturn
An Education

Christopher Brean Murray

Abby E. Murray
At the Wives' Coffee

Emily Sernaker
Asking for a Friend

Alan Shapiro
Leaf Blower
Hole in One

Faith Shearin
Box in a Closet

Anne Starling
To Inscribe

Chrys Tobey

Craig van Rooyen
Ode on a Midlife VW
Interstate 5 Ode
Ode to My Backyard Gopher
Costco Ode

Jeff Walker
Language Immersion

Dan Wiencek
My Hometown, the Hypothetical Guided Tour

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Tony Hoagland
The Missing Friendship Network


Alan Shapiro
Leaf Blower; Hole in One; Closer