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Notre Dame Review
Volume: 46 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Linette Marie Allen
American Reel

Lana Bella
Gone Girl

Victoria Maria Castells
Cajas de Muerto

Anne Champion
Santerķa in Cuba

Rob Cook

Hannah Craig
Stargazing in Cherry Springs State Park
Dinner with the Shale Drilling Engineer

Mary Crow
Everything In the Dream Is You

Chelsea B. DesAutels
Song of the Black Hills

Anthony DiPietro
What Possessed Them to Create Me?

Jaclyn Dwyer
Hook and Eye

Robert Gibb
Century Elegies

Stephen Gibson
Edward Kienholz's The State Hospital, 1996

Henry Goldkamp

Benjamin Guerette
GOAL: Full of Success! Yes!

Devin Guthrie
Scherzo Agitato on Harpsichord

Sam Landry
We Took Everything Not Nailed

Peter Marcus
Three Short Poems about One Lung

Diane Mehta
Unholy Sonnets

Elizabeth Onusko

January Pearson
Prayer Along Crystal Cove

Lucas Pingel
Global Event

Donald Platt
Existing Tree

Henry 7. Reneau, Jr.
Barack & Michelle Obama Gone Ghetto #1 & #2

Peter Robinson
Plaza de las Monjas

John Ronan
Dives: Transgender

Lee Yuk Sa
To A Young Boy
The Ocean's Mind

Melita Schaum

Emily Schulten
Summer Storms
Island of Bones

Lana Spendl
Like a Stage Set, Still

Stephanie Strickland
The Infinite Stops Between Our Fingers

Jake Syersak
Though, Through, Thoroughly
Projecting an Object Oriented Ontological Obsolescene of Lyric

Ojo Taiye
I Still Carry Her Voice Around with Me

Daniel Tobin
from "This Broken Symmetry"

Angie Vorhies
Ask the Sea, or Ghazal After the Death of a Marriage

Charles Harper Webb
City of Teenagers

Randy White
Salmon Harvest: Naknek River
The Kula Ring

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Chelsea B. DesAutels
Song of the Black Hills