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Volume: 39.1 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Zeina Azzam
A Syrian Refugee Speaks

Graham Barnhart
Days of Spring 2016

Destiny Birdsong

F. Douglas Brown
Jacob Lawrence Ekphrasis

Caylin Capra-Thomas
Cedar Key

Su Chu
The Old Man in White has Given My Mother a Ripe Persimmon Again

Margaret Cipriano
A Discussion

Brian Clifton
Outside, Inside

Lisa Fay Coutley
Dear Momó

Jessica Cuello

Hannah Dow
Mary's Guide to Divination and Fortune-Telling

Nicholas Friedman
Looking Back

Amy Strauss Friedman
Medusa Was Misunderstood, Too

Kate Gaskin
Abecedarian for My Son Just before His Diagnosis, and; A White Woman Can't Be Racist If She Marries a Black Man

R. M. Haines
What Passes Between

Heather Hughes
Jewel Box Stars

Carolyn Joyner
The Now of Gwendolyn Brooks

David Keplinger
The Last Music Clifford Brown Heard before His Death on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 1955

Melissa King-Rogers
Dear Ladylike Obligation

Anita Olivia Koester
Cartography of a Dead Man's Room

Alessandra Lynch
Wolf & Root

Forester McClatchey
Five Ways of Looking at a Stabbing

Jennifer Militello
My Mother's Interiority

E. Ethelbert Miller

Tyler Mills
I/Self/Woman in Berlin

Tanya Muzumudar

J. T. Okonkwo
When Brothers Gather

Mary Peelen

Isaac Pickell
The future was better before

Meghann Plunkett
My mother tells me about her assault

Kathy Price
Yonder; Come the Women

Doug Ramspeck
Wasp Allegory

Chelsea Rathburn
On the Copy of a Rembrandt Hung Beside Delacroix's Medea

Nancy Reddy
Wolf Moon

Susan Rich
Self Portrait with Stained Glass and Feathers

Matthew Schmidt
Fuck, I'm a Marble;

Emily Spencer
Crucible Steel

Molly Spencer
Meditation at Fishtown

James Toupin

Heather Treseler

Jan Verberkmoes
Event Point

Mark Wagenaar
Early Song

David Welch

Jim Whiteside
Writing Your Name on the Glass

William Kelley Woolfitt
Is There a Sea

Maya Jewell Zeller

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Margaret Cipriano
A Discussion


Isaac Pickell
The future was better before


Doug Ramspeck
Wasp Allegory


Jan Verberkmoes
Event Point


Mark Wagenaar
Early Song


David Welch


Maya Jewell Zeller