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Volume: 48.2 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Shay Alexi

Kelly Caldwell
Aftermath of a Picnic

Julie Choffel
from Dear Wallace

Hollie Dugas
I?d like to have an empty cupboard
Reasons I Am Not An Octopus

Dana Fang
from Interred

Magdalyn Gould
Refusal to see the rotting kitchen floor

Aumaine Rose Gruich
The Question of the Importance of Image

Michael Hardin

Valerie Hsiung
One gun

Kirsten Ihns
i began to love u when you failed to respond to my will

Halee Kirkwood
The Skyway Palimpsest

Dana Koster
Where There is Air

Alina Stefanescu
Alabama, I Knew

Larissa Szporluk
Monkey Treachery
Mrs. Wright?s Dream

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Valerie Hsiung
One gun


Larissa Szporluk
Monkey Treachery; Epiphyte; Mrs. Wright?s Dream