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Court Green
Volume: 15 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Mary Biddinger
The Slimness of Our Chances
Untamed Thickets

Guillermo Filice Castro
Koreatown, New York City
Portrait of Abuelo with a Gun

James Cushing
The Damp Shrine
Folk Song

John Gallaher
Quick, No Sudden Moves
Nibiru, the Worst Guru in Northern California, Speaks

Amy Gerstler
Buried Song
Everyone's Darkness
Night Life

Miles W. Griffis
Big Foot
The Bad Boys of Summer

Aumaine Rose Gruich
Regarding the Party

Lauren Haldeman
Field Trip
An Incident: Hallucination

Jason Labbe
That Ache, That Echo, You Can't Put a Thumb on It
A Night Sky More Like Dyed Cotton Than Burn Foil and Foul Residue
Driving to the Airport and Picked Up Speed

Daniel Lassell
Tasting Moonshine
A Little Less

Lee Ann Roripaugh
#Meteorology #String of Beads
#Homer #Alaska #String of Beads
#NebraskaCity #String of Beads
#PortentNotPortent #StringofBeads

Patrick Samuel
Six of Swords
Ten of Cups
Four of Cups
The Empress

Soraya Shalforoosh
Playing Cards Found on St. Patrick's Day
U2 Haiku Sequence
Soccermomming with a Muslim Name

Aaron Smith
Cosmopolitan Greetings
I Need My O'Hara Frank
The Pulitzer Prize
Shia LaBeouf Enters
The Dancing Lesbian
Get Thee to a Nunnery
When the Towers Came Down

David Welch
The Ladder

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John Gallaher
Quick, No Sudden Moves; Nibiru, the Worst Guru in Northern California, Speaks


David Welch
The Ladder