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Volume: 39.2 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Allison Adair
Crown Cinquain for a Lost Child, Eight Years Later
Week Six of the Fire

Linette Marie Allen
Sea Cucumbers

Ruth Awad
Catalog of the Inalienable

Bruce Bond

TR Brady
Getting by

Lauren Camp
On Harmony

Jos Charles
from June

Colby Cotton

Anjanette Delgado

Jaquira Diaz
Year One

Timothy Duffy
Phillis Wheatley Dreams in Latin

Jonathan Escoffery

Malcolm Friend
Afroantillano Ghost Story

Allison Funk
The Visible Woman

Amina Gautier
Flight to Canada

Sarah Green
Lorain County, 1999

Paul Guest
Hurray for the Modern

Katie Hartsock
A Paraklausithyron

Rebecca Hazelton
The Summer I Was Pretty
Dog Days

Samuel Hughes
The Detective's Wife

Kasey Jueds
Of Pink

Esther Lin
When I.C.E. Came for Me
Illegal Immigration

Anni Liu
Night Swim at Shadow Lake

Shara McCallum
No Ruined Stone
Holyrood Hunting Grounds
Springbank, Great House

Jennifer Maritza McCauley
…And Its Diaspora FictionFolio

Devon Miller-Duggan
Geotheology, Biotheology, My Agon

Samira Negrouche
Le Jazz des oliviers
The Olive-Trees' Jazz

Katherine Noble

Derek Otsuji
Lahaina Obaban Teaches Her Granddaughters About Business and Life
How She Loves Music

Luis Panini
from Destruction of the Lover

Leanna Petronella
On Dating a Therapist
The Angel and Her Surrogate

Ivelisse Rodriguez

Brandon Rushton
Little Whackos

Natalie Solmer
Girls of Lake

Lynne Thompson
Banjo as a dark girl
She talk like this 'cause me Mum born elsewhere, say

Corey Van Landingham

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond


Jos Charles
from June


Allison Funk
The Visible Woman


Rebecca Hazelton
The Summer I Was Pretty; Dog Days