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American Journal of Poetry
Volume: 7 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Kim Addonizio
Babies at Paradise Pond

Kevin Minh Allen
Down Here
Crossing That Line
Feeding Beer to Flowers

Nin Andrews
Like God

Niki W. Asti
planet anger

Samir Firas Atassi

Charles Bardes

Walter Bargen
Blaine and Juanita

Ruth Bavetta
Malediction for a Neighbor

Roy Bentley
For Carries Burning House
Members of the Primitive Baptist Church Attend a Creek Baptism by Submersion
A Trip to the South of Spain in Her Big American Car

Adria Bernardi
[my son, when he began school,]

Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Susan Browne

Christopher Buckley
Ambition, Math, & Metaphysics--a Condensed CV
Outside Chance
Un dia del cual tengo ya el recuerdo

Lynne Burnett

Robert Carr
Haint Blue
Men's Clothes

David Allan Cates
Whatever Happened to Them? (ten couples we used to know)

Samuel Cheney
And are We Yet Alive
I'll Wave from Wherever I Am

Jack Christian
After "The Flood at Port Marly" by alfred Sisley, 1872

Grant Clauser
Walt Whitman in the Armory Hospital

Michael Collins

Peter Cooley
Earthly, Unearthly Measurings

Ken Craft
My Old School

Rachel Custer
on every sidewalk, an Armageddon

Holly Day

MaryLisa DeDomenicis
The Caregiver

Chard deNiord
How to Diet
Elegy for a Weather Woman

E. L. Diamond
Three Thigns I Stole from My Grandmother

Ruth E. Dickey
"no one gets to wear a white hat"

Margaret Diehl
His Pains Severe and Many

Sydney Doyle
The Traveling Marketing Associate's Wife: A Letter

Jessica Dubey
Obit for My Father

Denise Duhamel
Mother's Day Pantoum
Self-Portrait at Twelve, at Thirteen

Cheryl Dumesnil

Elisabeth Adwin Edwards
Elegy for An Unidentified Child in A Photograph, Most Likely Dead

Katie Erbs
Georgia, 1945

Gary Fincke
What Trouble Meant

John FitzGerald
The Charter of Effects

Matthew Freeman
Poverty and Death
One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
Royale Sutra
For Those Carrion Eaters

Philip Fried
The Battle of the Bulge

Jeff Friedman
The Escaped Creatures Offer a Blessing
The Beggar

Jane Ann Fuller
Rigor to a suicide

Allison Funk
Late Sketch

David Galloway
ten poems about my great-great-grandfather's murder

David Garyan
Armenian Genocide

Michael Gessner
A Review

Christien G. Gholson

Robert Gibb
Birds of America: Plate 1, Wild Turkey
Birds of America: Plate 2, Bald Eagle
Birds of America: Plate 412, Great Horned Owl
Birds of America: Plate 160, Mourning Dove
Birds of America: Plate 81, Turkey Vulture

Stephen Gibson
A Postcard of Poe
Marilyn Monroe, from the 1962 Life Magazine Issue, "Memories of Marilyn"

Sherine Gilmour
Alone in the House
Death Wish(es) While Walking the Dog

Kirk Glaser
Fire and Wine

John Glowney

Henrietta Goodman
I don't require durability in a swan

Jeremy Gregersen
Sistine Notebooks: Creation of Adam

Eric Greinke
The Price

Carolyn Guinzio

Nathaniel Gutman
In the Eye of the Beholder

Tami Haaland
Dog Self

Ashley Mace Havird
Earth Day
The Hound

H. L. Hix
The supposed incoherence of infinitesimals?
Why might this be an intresting grouping to make?

Catherine Abbey Hodges
Or Maybe It's More Like This
Three Months After Your Death
Two Red Sweaters

Cynthia Hogue
after the war there was nothing
At Conques

Camryn Howe
Education from a North County Girl

T. R. Hummer

Heikki Huotari
The Stopping Scheme

Jane Ellen Ibur
John's Chimes

Vicki Iorio
Charles and Sylvia

Stephen Jackson
Daniel | Sleeping In
Aaron | Not Aaron

Leland James
Along the Ohio

Mark Jarman
Here is Water
Special Request

Troy Jollimore
Lunar Landscape with Starbucks

Richard Jones
The Proposal
Light Graces My Head with a Halo

Meg Kearney

R. J. Keeler
Dark Abstraction

Susan Kelly-De Witt

David Keplinger
The Classical Period

David Kirby
The Almost Unimaginable Psychological Complexity of the Italian Old Masters
Waffle House Index

Lynne Knight
Having It Out with Basho

Sandra Kohler
Old Women

Philip C. Kolin
The Nervous Breakdown
The After Effects of a Divorce

Len Krisak
Calliamchus: When Someone, Heraclitus…
Cavafy: The Footsteps
Homer: The Iliad: Book, I, Lines 1-91
Martial: Epigram 5.34
Martial: Epigram 6.52

Nathan Last
Aubade for Mary Oliver

Daniel Lawless
Remember the Golden Frog

Kaci Skiles Laws
Beneath Our Bell Jar

Sydney Lea
At the River

David Lehman

Lynn Levin
Song of My Cell Phone

Mike Lewis-Beck
Rembrandt Portraits
At Play
Ike Awakens

Timothy Liu
Happy to have Travelled 3171 Miles for This
Love Letter: Dublin

Dylan Loring
The Reviewer

Robert Lowes
Confession Booth

Mark Luebbers
Paul Laurence Dunbar Gives a Reading in the Pavillion for the Blind, November 1897
Paul Laurence Dunbar at Work in the Library of Congress, August 1898

Suzanne Lummis
Baby Desire

Clint Margrave
Doctor Zhivago
Parts Unknown

Amelia Martens
Suppose You Have No Gun, p. 72
Survivial Weapon for Group, p. 69
Dear People of the Near Future
Dear People of the Near Future

Sarena Mason
Lobster for Lashes
The Pirates Are Coming

Vikram Masson
Road Trips

John McKernan
Smells a Lot Like Formaldehyde
Forms of Vengeful Starlight

Jeff McRae
The Lesson
Dennis Gonyaw
Fixing the Motion-Detector Light

Christopher Merrill
On Gnosticism

Nancy Mitchell
Blame My Mother
Girl, Pre-Hendrixed

Sharon Mitchell

Lorrie Ness
The Family Garage

Jeff Newberry
The Dead Father Speaks
On a Country Road in Calhoun County, Florida

Eric Pankey
Three Five-Finger Exercises

Robert Parham
My Sister Said She Saw Me in the Bank
Where Beauty Is Consumed

J. Ross Peters
Camille, August 20, 1969
A Poet's Quiet Lines

Kenneth Pobo
Bible Church Saints

Paul Lobo Portuges
El Norte

Lawrence Raab
Pleasures of a Minor God

LA Renza
2018 Conversation with Victor
The Dance Master

Brian Rihlmann
Sobering Up

Brad Rose
Uncle Jay

Jamie Ross

J. Allyn Rosser
Susan's Overgrown Garden
Basement Apartment, All Utilies Paid

Stephen Ruffus
Apartment Life

Natalie Safir
Visitors After 2 AM

Jared Sagar

David Anthony Sam

Peter Serchuk
Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason
The Morning News in Oslo
The Saddest Polar Bear in China

Gary Short

Hilary Sideris
Squeeze Chute

Jedediah Smith
Christian Loidl: 1957-2001

J. R. Solonche
That Red Wheelbarrow
In the Park Next to the River

Dian Sousa
Party Dress

Garrett Stack

Page Hill Starzinger

Ron Stottlemyer

Marjan Strojan
The Dreaming Planet
Clear and Watery

Natalya Sukhonos
Lost in the Stars

Pamela Sumner
Priest-Penitent Bob

Beth Suter
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Kirk Swearingen
Wheel of Fortune
Translated from the English

Bruce Taylor
Marilyn Reading 1,490,000 Results
At Irv & Lill's Last Chance

William Taylor, Jr.

John Tessitore
Wherer the Water Runs

William Trowbridge
Call Him Mr. Lucky

Troy Varvel

Ronald Wallace
Letter to a Young Poet
Late April Snow

LaWanda Walters

Richard Weaver
Math myth

Charles Harper Webb
When I Heard the Girl Was Missing

J. P. White

Cosntant L. Williams
Elliott Erwitt - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mark Williams
Pep Talks, The Movie

Ryan Wilson

Jonah Winter
Sphincter Mouth (Sphinctoralipuss)
Department Head (Tyrannus Academicus)
The Heat-Seeking Missile (Spermatazoa Metallicus)
Some Guy (Homo Ordinaricus)

IRT Broadway Local (Old Indian Trail #1)
Osage Fire

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Allison Funk
Late Sketch


David Lehman


Eric Pankey
Three Five-Finger Exercises