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Tupelo Quarterly
Volume: 18 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Rachel Abramowitz
Gut Lust

Hala Alyan
Ode to the Damsel
They Both Die on Mondays in April

Amanda Auerbach
Dream Log 1

Tara Ballard
Genealogy, Ending in a Suicide

C. S. Carrier
The Green House

Melissa Crowe
Benediction with Foundlings

Annie Diamond

Fay Dillof

Timothy Donnelly
What Is Real

Diamond Forde
fat girl Confuses Food & Therapy, Again
On the Way Home from a Business Trip, fat girl Pulls into a McDonald's Drive-Thru in a Town She'll Never See Again

John Gallaher
Blast Off!

Matthew Gellman
Special Report, After Rain

Sarah Giragosian
Missing Person

Christine Hemp

Darren Higgins

Anna Maria Hong

Chloe Honum
Luna Moth at Night
New England Lyric
What I'm Working On Now
Self-portrait with Praying Mantis and Endurance

Elizabeth Hoover

Danusha Lameris

Patrick Meeds
Each One Is a Tiny Sun

Michael Montlack
The Court Jester
Is Richard Simmons missing? Or is he dearly missed?

Rebecca Morton
I write you from a

Genevieve Paiement
Heavenly Mother

Megan Pinto
After Odysseus

Elizabeth Powell
When the Insemination Man Comes to the Farm

Brynn Saito
First Lines
Last Lines

Bret Shepard
The Basement

Simon Shieh
Like Being in Love

Emily Stoddard
Divination with a Human Heart Attached

Yerra Sugarman
Aunt Bird, Conjured

Cole Swensen
Elements of the Garden

Ginny Threefoot
ambiguities of sound
ambiguities of childhood

Sasha West
A Forgery of History

Jordan Windholz
The Sisters as Lies
The Sisters as Sisters

Nicholas Yingling
I Take Shelter under the Stables

Poets of Interest in this issue:

C. S. Carrier
The Green House


Timothy Donnelly
What Is Real


John Gallaher
Blast Off!


Anna Maria Hong


Cole Swensen
Elements of the Garden