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Grist Journal
Volume: 12 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Greg Allendorf

Devon Balwit
[Each Afternoon a Choice]

Daniel Barton
Clearing the Garden

Rebecca Bedell

Joy Grace E. Chen

Caitlyn Curran
A Bumper Sticker Tells Me What Belongs

Rachel Deer-Katz
The Year the Cancer Cluster Tanked Home Values

Chelsea B. DesAutels
On Learning Surgery Is Contraindicated

John Dudek
After Dark

Dionne Custer Edwards
Red Tide

Kat Finch
Dear Blue

Joy Harjo
The Story Wheel
Washing My Mother's Body

Rochelle Hurt
Double Negative
Prayer for Exposure

Gilad Jaffe
We Only Ever Talk When I Smell Like Fire

Jessica Lee
In the Yard

Alex Lemon

Emily Luan
Anger Diaries
Two Monks

Elisavert Makridis
Song, in Perpetuity

Michael Malan
Song of Insufficient Reason

Cameron McGill

Jim McKenna
Self-Portrait as Cumulonimbus

Aline Mello
I Will Be an Animal

Sam Pittman
White Noise

Phoebe Reeves
The Gardener and the Garden (eight)

C. T. Salazar
Poem Ending with Collapse

Jacqueline Schaalje
Family at Sea

Kirk Schlueter
Self Defense

Karen Schubert
The Girl Scout Leader's Daughter

Caleb Scott

Claire Scott
One Week After My Mother's Funeral

Julie Strand
Entitling Ourselves to Kinship
Epilimnion: The Great One on Top Us All

Dujie Tahat
Salat During the Graveyard Shift at a Gas Station

Ojo Taiye
Mourns Down the Moon & Dissolves It on Her Tongue Like a Wafer

Elizabeth Vignali
Audubon's Birds of America, First Edition

M. A. Vizsolyi
An Old Paramour

Laura Wetherington
The Great Basin
Never Not October

Cynthia White
One Life to Live

Tamara Zbrizher
Driving Mama Home from Work

Michael Zinkowski
Sentenced to Salmon

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Chelsea B. DesAutels
On Learning Surgery Is Contraindicated


Joy Harjo
The Story Wheel; Washing My Mother's Body


Alex Lemon


M. A. Vizsolyi
An Old Paramour