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Brooklyn Rail
Volume: 2017.12 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Charity Coleman
macrobiotic confessional
roses from Ethiopia
three mornings

Thomas Devaney
Brilliant Corners
Hell-Dusted Blue Jeans
Cold Fingers Light the Way
Memory Corkscrews So You Can't Remember It
Most of Tomorrow

Camonghne Felix
White House
Imagine?? My Sister an Astronaut?
When I Say the Hood Made Me, I Mean:

Jeffrey Joe Nelson
It's Better Than Lying in a Ditch
The Puncture
Diamond Attention Span
Burning Heart
From Outside, In

Stacey Tran
How Gold Floast on Water
Mimus Polyglottos
Survival #
Survival #
Survival #

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Thomas Devaney
Brilliant Corners; Hell-Dusted Blue Jeans; Cold Fingers Light the Way; Memory Corkscrews So You Can't Remember It; Most of Tomorrow