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American Journal of Poetry
Volume: 8 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Mark Aiello
Where the best sand for sandcastles is

Ellery Akers
Me Too: Women in Touch with Their Anger

Dick Altman
A Teaspoon of Water
After the Sonogram, Words Only Half Heard

Jake Bailey
Schizo Reads Them Their Bananular Rights

Raffaello Baldini

Linda Bamber
The Psychoanalyst's Acupuncturist

Walter Bargen
Climate Change

Ruth Bavetta

Roy Bentley
Magnificent Strangers
The Effect on Paradise of Our Collective Unhappiness

Margo Berdeshevsky
Memoir of Never a Capulet?

L. A. Berger
Because Hope Has Only One P
My Father Is Dying

Tegan Blackwood
To Carl Sagan, on the Anniversary of Nothing Much

Sally Bliumis-Dunn
Butterfly Net Over My Right Shoulder

Bruce Bond
This Paradise
The Lost Language 31
The Lost Language 32
The Lost Language 33
The Lost Language 34
The Lost Language 35

Karen Lee Boren
Lines, 1993

John Brehm
Blathery Performance

Fleda Brown
Twenty Letters in Spring

Chris Bullard

Lynne Burnett
A Tandem Hang-gliding Pilot Fails to Clip His Client's Harness On

Barbara Siegel Carlson
Pip in the Waves

Hee-June Choi
Father and Son

Eileen Cleary
Hospice Rounds: In Which I Explain Signs of Dying

David Clewell
Before They Could Actually Be Poets, They Somehow Had to Get Out of High School

Brendan Constantine
Poem for Julia

Jim Daniels

Soleil David
Harvest of a Deer Amulet

John Davis, Jr.
Laundry Duty, 3PM

Anthony DiMatteo
Next Door to Nowhere

Beth Dulin
Tonto at the Holiday Lounge, New York City

Stephen Dunn
The Melancholy Sound of Fog Horns
The Infidel

Alexis Rhone Fancher
Bad Mother

Gary Finke
During the Pre-Med Year: A Sequence

Aaron Fischer
Close Harmony: The Louvin Brothers

Charla Fisher
Let's Climb the Magic Mountain

Richard Foerster

George Franklin
"A Fairer House Than Prose"

Alice Friman
About Hope

David Garyan

Michael Gessner
At the Red Garter
Girl with Bags

Sejal Ghia
Half Moon Bay

Christien G. Gholson
Seven Songs Sung at Reservoir No. 4

Robert Gibb

Stephen Gibson
Monet's Camille on Her Deathbed

Jeffrey Greene
The Half Way to Hell Club

William Greenfield
Chain Smoking on Butterville Road

Nicholas Gruber
The Season Will Not Have Changed Until It Has Touched Everything

David Hamilton
The Reader
The Book of Nature
Last Words

Charlotte Hegg
How the Earth Opens Up
I Consider the Tongue
Pavlov's Dog

David Heidenstam
Gentle evasions: Poem for Performance

Ken Holland
The Five Senses

T. R. Hummer

Jane Ellen Ibur
Out in Right Field
Buzz and Noise

Ted Jean
partially successful chemical abortion of identical twins
Einstein in Gdansk

Garret Keizer
Marco Polo Sees Unicorns

Casey Killingsworth
What we can't afford to tell second graders

James Kimbrell
Step Away

David Kirby
The French Word for Conversation Is Conversation
As Barbara Was Telling Me

Dana Knott
Filing Cancer

Kip Knott
The Twelve Stations of Mark Rothko
Strange Bedfellows
21st Century Vesper

Robert Knox
The Long Descent

Philip C. Kolin
The Census

Beth Konkoski
Free Range Animal (Crackers)

Mark Kraushaar
Ante Up

Peter Krumbach
Waiting for Lighting

Anatoly Kudryavitsky
As I Was Walking Inside Magritte

Varsha Kukafka
This side of spring

Daniel Lawless
Home Visit
On Her Death Day
The Kingdom of the Ill
After Your Death

Kaci Skiles Laws
Bitter Kids

Kyle Laws
Train Runs 100 Miles of Barbed Wire
Louder at Night
Between the engine of the train and an open car of lodge poles freshly skinned at the miill taking in the evening breeze
Between the graffiti on the side of the front car behind the engine and what brins up the rear

Sydney Lea
Ljubljana Oscura

James Lewis
My Father Keeps a Crate of Grenades in the Freezer

Tate Lewis
I Dreamt Us Having a Pure Son and Father Moment

Robert Lowes
War in Heaven
Pissant Wealth Management

Kurt Luchs
December 7, 1948

Margaret Mackinnon
For the Women Who claimed It: Angastaco, Argentina

Al Maginnes
Hard Luck: A Requiem for Jerry Quarry

Tony Magistrale
Dear Caitlyn Jenner
Saks Fifth Avenue, Ground Floor

Mary Makofske
Sex Crimes Detective, Off-Duty

Michael Angel Martin
Sunday Morning
Stages of Grief at the Maple Leaf Bar
The Way the Pear Wants to Be Seen Each Afternoon
One Last Word from Grief

Tim Mayo

Julianna McCarthy
Calling Lionel
The Wrong Face for the Neighborhood
Amy Vanderbilt

James McCrae

Michael McManus
The End of Active Duty
Front Porch/He/They/Them

Wesley McNair
Night Ride in Walmart

John Moessner
Angle of Repose

Michael Montlack

Thomas Moody
Cigarette After Death
Alienated Headphones

Daniel Edward Moore

Thylias Moss
Ode to Cellos
Limestone Cavern Courtesy
Flying Around Pripyat
Skin-Deep Reactors
By Shores of Lake Kerony
Fallout District of Annihilation
Sushi Boat
Love Land
Indeed Mr. Vayan

Rachel Grace Mussenden
Every Poem Starts in the Middle

Mandar Naik
Window Shopping

Bonnie Naradzay
Keys to the Kingdom

Richard Newman
Ode to Bui Vien, Saigon
Ode to the Southeast Asian Bum Gun

Aaron Novick

Annmarie O'Connell
I used to wait with the rest

Caley O'Dwyer
American Rivers
Domed City
Cry Heavily for Camera (American Proverbs)

Kirby Olson
The New American Poetry

Steven Ostrowski
Twenety-nine Sections from "Doubleness"

Robert Parham
Father, Underground in D.C.

George Perreault
Could You Lead With

Joyce Peseroff

J. Ross Peters
The Doe in the Eddy
Dead City Flesh

Michael Lee Phillips
Climate Change in Martins Ferry, Ohio

Karen Poppy
The How-to Guide of Giant Sable Antelope (Hippotragus miger variani)

David B. Prather
When You Come From
Learning to Fish the Little Kanawha

James Redfern
Sanity Is Not Static
Courthouse Blues

LA Renza
Bad Trips

J. Stephen Rhodes
On the Ridge

David Ricchiute
Misguided Words

Anthony Rivel

Mona Toiresa O Loideain Rochelle
Mysteries of Love

Mallory Rodenberg
I Hate You, Don't Leave

John Ronan
Princess Ennigaldi

Brad Rose
Like an Accident
Dinner Party

Jamie Ross
Ode to a Family Coat of Arms

Stan Sanvel Rubin
Somebody's Lying

Andrew Rueter
Kubrick's Piano

Don Sandeen
With Conditions

Gerard Sarnat
Maria, Maria
Doc Oils

Terry Savoie

Ryan Scariano
The Dragon in the Room

John Schneider

Leona Sevick
Cooper's Rules

Grace Shaw
Maddens Bar Tonight It's Monday

Gary Short
Single-Bullet Theory

Amanda Grace Shu
Minidoka to Austin

Hilary Sideris

Carina Silvermoon
From the Abandoned Sanitarium in Tenerife

Jeffrey Skinner
Sometimes I Am the Fnatastic Weight Beneath My Own Saddle
On the Anniversary of My Sobriety
A Baby Left in the Sun

Meghan Trask Smith
Mother Gun
When You Think You Have Somemthing, You Have Nothing

Michael Spence
The Mysteries of Public Art

Michael Steffen
Holocaust Jazz

Allen Stein
Lynching Photo-Op

Travis Stephens

Shelby Stephenson

Adrienne Su
Name That Restaurant

Eleanor Swanson
Cartography of Middle Earth
Festival of Ship Rock

Kirk Swearingen
On Brutalism

Nancy Takacs

Bruce Taylor
Passing It On

Carine Topal

Lisa Trudeau

Troy Varvel
Interview with a Nonstutterer
At the Soldiers and Sailors Orphans House

Peter Vertacnik
Reading Together
Fall Day

Jason Visconti
A Poem for the Sniper
Heaven Upon First Glance

Aaron Wallace
A Soldier Removes His Tattoo
Fire Mission

Bruce Weigl
Liquor Was Involved
Clinical Notes Number Ninety-One
Homewood Nineteen Fifty Something
War Story
The Still Unravished Bryn of Quietude
Apres Flashback, for My Good Doctor

Lenore Weiss
Ile de Plaisir

July Westhale
For Times They Think You Hang the Moon

Mike White

Roy White
Power and Authority

Genevieve N. Williams
Parking Lot Rocks

Mark Williams
Blue Parakeets

Edytta Anna Wojnar

Robert Wrigley
Praise Him
All I Think I Dream I See
Backs to the Moon

Jane Zwart
Not to be bourne

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
This Paradise; The Lost Language 31; The Lost Language 32; The Lost Language 33; The Lost Language 34; The Lost Language 35


Stephen Dunn
The Melancholy Sound of Fog Horns; The Infidel


Thylias Moss
Ode to Cellos; Limestone Cavern Courtesy; Flying Around Pripyat; Skin-Deep Reactors; By Shores of Lake Kerony; Fallout District of Annihilation; Sushi Boat; Love Land; Indeed Mr. Vayan