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Volume: 49 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Naomi Ayala

Francesca Bell
One Day, My Body
The Bone Saw Speaks

Rosebud Ben-Oni
Poet Wresting with an Ode to Her Brother
{You Love Him-- Don't You-- )
8O :: {Every Bond You Break}

Caylin Capra-Thomas
West Coast Sad
East Coast Sad

Brian Clifton
The Beast I Worship
What Creature

Emily Rose Cole
Dear Burglar,
Dear Horror

Jackie Craven
I Renounce My Life as a Philodendron

Chard deNiord
Then There

Alexa Doran
For My son, Who Asks Me to Reply Lizzo's "Juice"
The Fall of the House of Britney

Cal Freeman
Pear Graft
Epistle to the Turin Horse

Cassie Garison
A Study in Lavendar

Madelyn Garner
Ghost Umbilicus

Jessica Goodfellow
Humans Naming Trees

Jonathan Greenhause

Johan Huybrechts

Nora Iuga
leave me alone with my head under the pillow
she told me to color my hair
look, my monologue has broken off

Michael Jones
Inner-City Mentor Program Tours Local College

Veronica Kornberg
This Unkindness

Moira Linehan
Six Degrees of Separation from Kuniyoshi

A. Molotkov
Breath's Opinion

David O'Connell
Spring in the Suburbs

Alejandro Perez
Sonnet for My Sadness or Self-Portrait as a Verb
That Turned into a Noun
This is an ode to forgetting
Sonnet in Which My cousins Try to Teach My Abuela How to Float

Mary Pinard
Even After All
Widow Sugaring for Moths

Charles Rafferty

Bino A. Realuyo
The Warming
Sonetto: A Red Red Rose

Liz Robbins

Han Shan
25. The wise shun me
32. Why is the young man upset?
34. Two tortoises on a car pulled by a young ox

Crystal Stone
Against Sentimentality

Adeeba Talukder
The coming of spring
A Robe of This World
for Majnoon
The Scaffold's Branch

Madeleine Wattenberg
I Decided I Would Fail at Everything
Poem at the Edge of a Circle
Like a Ship

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Rosebud Ben-Oni
Poet Wresting with an Ode to Her Brother; {You Love Him-- Don't You-- ); 8O :: {Every Bond You Break}