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Volume: 9 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Alison Glenny
Notes for a History of Birdsong

Salome Honorio
- Just After: -

Toshiya Kamei
The Gods' Room

Jibril Noora
Intergenerational Dream Journal

Kunjana Parashar

Alonso Quesada
From Peaceful Ways of the Memory

Elif Sezen
Rose Map

Ottavia Silvestri
Birth of Venus

Kathrine Sowerby
Feed the Furnace

Sophia Terazawa
Throwing Rose, [Anon]

Rhiannon Williams
Risen / Mnimosino

Anna Zilahi
The Whale Is Not a Motif
Pondering the Probability of Swimming It Out

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Sophia Terazawa
Throwing Rose, [Anon]