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New American Writing
Volume: 37 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Anna Andreevna Akhmatova
De Profundis

Michael Basinski
Your Corner Drugstore
Open Containers

Bruce Beasley
Hitchcock Came Walk-On Exit

Alexander Blok
The Stranger
Dances of Death

Bruce Bond

Cullen Bailey Burns
Major Medical Delay

Peter Bushyeager
Beautiful in the Glow of a Spell

Mary Cisper
The Dolphins
To the Buddha of Identity

Gabrielle Claffey

Adam O. Davis
Emotion Sickness

Mark DuCharme

Michael Tod Edgerton
What Aureate in the Dimming?

Gloria Frym
Children and Pets

Endi Bogue Hartigan
I am up early scanning worries
the birth of chronology

Diana McKinnon Herring
The Leaf Cat
Rhubarb Season

Catherine Imbriglio

Vladimir Ivanov

Vincent Katz

Daniil Kharms
A Frightful Death

Velimir Khlebnikov
"I don't know if the earth twirls?"

Noelle Kocot
Supply of the Storm
Compassion V
Compassion VI

Joseph Lease
If the Sky

Sylvia Legris
Near Running Water, Streams and Creeks

Rebecca Lilly
21 Stopovers

Laurinda Lind
Joinings at the Wheel

Chip Livingston
San Sebastian, Knight of Swords
Sans Justus, The Martyrs

Michael Malan
My Week in Fontana
Hats Off

Donato Mancini
Three Fatras

Vladimir Mayakovsky
Hear Me Out!
And Could You Have?

Kate McCann

Daniel Moysaenko
On Of

David Mutschlecner
Person 15

Linda Norton
This Is Him

Irina Odoyevtseva
How Still the Moon Is in the Mirror

Peter Orner
Miami Beach, 1961

Caryl Pagel

Randy Prunty
My lover gave me a peehan

Christopher Randall
Sight Is the One Sense That Will Not Look Backk
Cabbage Is Nomadic, Though There Is a Good Tent
Any Case That May Exceed the Model Named Lennard-Jones

Bino A. Realuyo
Teonanacatl: #Notes on the Year 2018 AD

Elena Rivera
Then Vanishes

David Rock
On a Scale of One to Ten
Consider the Sparrow
54 Baseballs

Sanki Saito
[Days of surrender, with]

Kent Shaw
How many men does it take to perfect the male odor

Mark Statman
from El adios de siempre (Brooklyn)

Adam Strauss
Rounds for Circumference
Violin Notes

Barbara Tomash
from Her Scant State

Marina Tsvetaeva
The Scream of Stations
To Mayakovsky

Aleksandr Vertinskiy
A Romantic Song

G. C. Waldrep
White Bergamont

Kathleen Winter
Hour Before Dust
Single-Handed Aubade

David Walton Wright
Good for the Giver's Karma
So Windy, So Still

Aubrey Yarbrough
Luna Moth (Actias Luna)
In the Bathroom of a Youth Hostel

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
Epigraph; Water


Mary Cisper
The Dolphins; To the Buddha of Identity


Endi Bogue Hartigan
I am up early scanning worries; the birth of chronology


Catherine Imbriglio


Joseph Lease
If the Sky


Daniel Moysaenko
On Of


Caryl Pagel


Barbara Tomash
from Her Scant State


G. C. Waldrep
White Bergamont; Sparrow; Eyecomb


Kathleen Winter
Hour Before Dust; Single-Handed Aubade