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Copper Nickel
Volume: 30 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Hadara Bar-Nadav
The Blind

Christina Beasley
To halve and to hold

Emily Blair
According to a Recent Study, Rats Experience Regret

Bruce Bond
Book of Dolls 2
Book of Dolls 4
Book of Dolls 7
Book of Dolls 9

Jenny Browne
Javelina, Javelina

Sasha Burshteyn
K[yie]v Spring

Charlie Clark
Devil on What He Does Not Read
Devil Saying Pulchritude

Andrea Cohen
Eavesdropping on Adam and Eve
Civil War

Brendan Constantine

Leigh Anne Couch
Overbite, 1969

Shangyang Fang
Which Are Almost, Which Are Not

John Gallaher

Jennifer Habel
A Small Movement of Freedom Inside of Fate

Edward Hirsch
The Black Dress

Troy Jollimore
Marvelous Things without Number

Kirsten Kaschock

David Keplinger
During Snow

Patrick Kindig
the carmelites: a chorus

Steven Kleinman

Virginia Konchan
Pater Noster

Nancy Chen Long
6-Phallic (Rorschach Blot)

Alessandra Lynch
Best House

Khaled Mattawa

Adam Meisner
How to Pass through the Denkmal fur die ermordeten Juden Europas

Erika Meitner
A Temple of the Spirit

Kelly Morse
Origin Myth

Alicia Mountain
Runtime Squinting

Jim Richards
The Big League
Hotel Management

Shakthi Shrima
Real Girl

Catherine Staples

Kara Kai Wang
Bird's Eye

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Hadara Bar-Nadav
The Blind


Bruce Bond
Book of Dolls 2; Book of Dolls 4; Book of Dolls 7; Book of Dolls 9


John Gallaher


Edward Hirsch
The Black Dress


Erika Meitner
A Temple of the Spirit


Alicia Mountain
Runtime Squinting