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Cosmonauts Avenue
Volume: 2020.02 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Janan Alexandra
In Praise of the Two-Step

Austin Araujo
Bunch Park, 9 P. M.

Mariah Bosch

Bronwen Brenner

Thanh Bui
The Restourist

Stephanie Cawley

Amrita Chakraborty
Girl Gaze

Jody Chan
Ode to Eczema

Faith Christine

Satya Dash
Detecting Spring

J. David
Title: Schizophrenia

Beasa Dukes
black boy--girl--boy--girl--faggot

Saddiq Dzukogi
Flower's Tenderness

Brittany Lee Frederick
Bargain Shopping

Malcolm Friend
Portrait of My Dad as a Vejigante
Portrait of the Author in Platano Heaven

Kaiya Gordon
Matching Test: The World's Terfs Line Up to Fight Me

Robin Gow
A Tree

Saul Hernandez
When Dreams Come True
How to Find the Distnace Between Two Points

Noor Hindi

Bara Hladik

Yuki Jackson
She Is Risen
So Fly

Andrew Kahn
Three Entries

Jourdan Keith
The Lover

Len Lawson
The Emancipation of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben

Kanika Lawton
Body as Car-Struck Deer

Amy Gong Liu
Shopping List

Elias Lowe
Hard Talks/Soft Hearts

Sybil Mahone
Trans Questionnaire

Kyle Marbut
The People Walking Down Seminary Street in the Rain

Madelin A. Medina

Elena Gonzales Melinger
Scraem Scream Quiet Scream

Sara Munjack
The Angel of America

Gloria Munoz
The Romantics

A. Mustafa
an egyptian proverb pt. 1

Jae Nichelle
How I Know Things Are Bad Again

Kechi Nomu
Unearthings: Notes from a S?ance

Emily Perez
Pardon Me, Yes Please, No Thank You
On What Day

Charnell Peters
One Has to Go Forever!

Scarlett Peterson
In Private

M. Mick Powell
To Kimberly, as You Were

Gabrielle Ralambo-Rajerison
Wong Kar-Wai

Reyes Ramirez
El Salvadoreno Americano as Decolonizer, 1929-1936

he/they, heathen

Mejdulene B. Shomali
My Mother Says This Would Have Never Happened If We Stayed in Palestine

Alexis Diano Sikorski
I will not overheat; I will not poison

Lisa Sparks
On the Art of Ana Mendieta

Lisa Summe
Ars Poetica

Kirwyn Sutherland
Ars Poetica V

Dujie Tahat
no it's cool Cortes arriving on the shores of Hispaniola is as good a place to start as any
salat as a portrait of my father allowing him to first have grace and bad luck

Levi Todd
testosterone (n.)

Arriel Vinson
Ode to the Black, Sweaty House Party

Natalie Wee
When I Say I Want to Learn Your Mother's Recipe, I Mean

Charlotte Williams
Ambulance Rhapsody

Priyanka Yap
Melanie Hernandez Becomes Medea
I Build a Statue of My Mother

Jean Yoon
Living Alone

A. R. Zarif
Daily Prayer: For the Dead

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephanie Cawley