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Florida Review
Volume: 43.2 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Michelle Acker
Apology to a Sixth Grader Who Asked Me If Gay Marriage was Okay, to Whom I Responded with Silence

Hadara Bar-Nadav
[Your mind is night]
[The animal is chemical carnivorous sick]
[Life eats breath]

Jay Barnica

Anna Lena Phillips Bell
from Each Leaf, from Leave of Grass, 1855

John Bonanni
from the First Amendment Defense Act

Bruce Bond
Scar 13
Scar 14

Stephen Dunn
Without Mentioning a Name

Alan Elyshevitz
Jefferson's Secret Message to Congress (Redacted)

Amanda Hadlock
Self-Erasure for My Mother

Bethany Schultz Hurst
Note on Pet Monkeys and How to Manage Them

Jayson Iwen
Luke & Acts

Carolyn Janecek
Come Gentle
Come Hollow

Robert Julius
Three Rivers
How to Grieve an Alcoholic

Anita Olivia Koester
Constellations for a Small Scar
Constellation for Butterflies

Eva Della Lana
Apollo & Daphne

Kristine Langley Mahler
Boys, Boss

Mark Neely
Little Eulogy

Kelly Nelson
After a Death

David Rachels
Hell's Our Destination

Doug Ramspeck
Long Marriage (Parable of the Skull)

C. R. Resetarits
Sea Poem 2
Sea Poem 3

Sean Sexton
Pictures of the Early Gods of Our Adolescence

Felicity Sheehy

Dujie Tahat
My Girlfriend Asks If I Think I'll Ever Stop Writing About My Ex
Ars Poetica in War Time Which for Us Means Always

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Hadara Bar-Nadav
[Your mind is night]; [The animal is chemical carnivorous sick]; [Life eats breath]


Bruce Bond
Scar 13; Scar 14


Stephen Dunn
Without Mentioning a Name


Doug Ramspeck
Long Marriage (Parable of the Skull)