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Spoon River Poetry Review
Volume: 44.1 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Selva Casal
Today I'd kiss strangers
The telephones are ringing
In the beginning was chaos
It all was surrounded by angels

Lane Falcon
from Hospital Series

Rita Feinstein
Half Life
Self-Portrait as Jamestown

Jeannine Hall Gailey
My Life Is an Accident Self-Portrat as Desert During a Suprebloom
Signs of Spring on the Way to More Medical Testing
Your Body Is a Fiction

Cristina Rivera Garza
love is giving what you don't have to
someone hwo doesn't want it
VI one of her hands went always in one of death's

Elizabeth Hatmaker
Directing the Better Dahlia Film Part 2
Square-Ups on Exploitation Filmmaking
Reflections on the Spirit of Houses after My Husband's Tenure Decision

Erik Kennedy
Bad Air Days

Brandon Krieg

Mingpei Li
The Female Body Negotiates Waiting

Lucia LoTempio
Hello, Can You Hear Me
Vocation, Girl

Sgabriel Palacios
The Spanish Trail Motel
City Data Hauntology

Alison Palmer
The Horse on the Island

James Pate
Mineral Planet #32
Mineral Planet #33
Mineral Planet #34

Jerome Rothenberg
Ten Fragments

Erin Slaughter
I Am Most Sad Around People When They Make Me Feel Like Some Incarnation of My Mother

Ryan Patrick Smith
Venus Anadyomene, Sea Glass and Bones

Lina Ramona Vitkauskas
Release #11
Release 1

Yi Won
For a Child

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