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The Tiny
Volume: 8 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

E Kristin Anderson
Keep Driving South But Closure Is Still A Dirty Beautiful Trick
I Don't Trust Their Hands Because I Can't Trust Mine
Under the City I Let My Secrets Move Electric
Where the Tide Meets the Wall I Open My Lungs

Levi Bentley
from Fence Lines

zach blackwood
The Black Pig
Taking the Waters

TR Brady
soon / swoon
can last for a few weeks, even months

Molly Brodak
The Elegiac Robot
Giant Loom

Joanna Penn Cooper
Spring Tercets
Therapy in a Box

Melissa Eleftherion
Invasive Species
Twenty-Ninth Suture

Ethan Fugate
I've Had Enough

Boston Gordon
Memorial BBQ

Michael Hennessey

Christine Shan Shan Hou
Like It Never Happened

Dan Machlin

Farid Matuk
Alright, You Light-Headed Fathers
Rain Transit

Chris McCreary
The Greater American Songbook: Blurred Lines

Deborah Poe
Exile (or Waking, 23 May)
Ochre Star, Pacific Ocean

David W. Pritchard
The Novel of Life

Lauren Russell
from Descent

Ian Schoultz
Earthsine Limited Funeral

Maureen Thorson
The World's Most Beautiful Wisteria Tree

Jamie Townsend
From Our Hearts to Yours

Sara Wainscott
from The Star Cabins

Nikki Wallschlaeger
Tree of Life
Mother Earth Gets New Ink
Mother Earth Watches the Oscars

Angela Veronica Wong
One Angry Veronica
The Great Dying

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Molly Brodak
The Elegiac Robot; Post; Giant Loom


Farid Matuk
Alright, You Light-Headed Fathers; Rain Transit


Lauren Russell
from Descent