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Volume: 215.5 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Beth Bachmann
Fragments of Bone and Ice
International Rose Test Garden

Gabrielle Bates
The Mentor

Zeina Hashem Beck
Poem Beginning & Ending with My Birth

Liz Berry
The Burning

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

Partridge Boswell
Upon Hearing Amy Winehouse at St. James' Church in dingle

John Lee Clark
The Manual

David Felix

Daisy Fried
One Day I Suddenly Notice?1

Jesus Govea

Jessica Greenbaum

francine j. harris

Caoilinn Hughes
Who Gets the Silverware

Angela Jackson
More Than Meat and Raiment

Rodney Jones
Trying to Believe / We Are Endangered

Virginia Keane
I Moved to the Far Side of the Bar
Fish and Friend

Zach Linge
Fingers on a Gay Man
For Baron B.

James McCorkle
Franklin's Bees

Mary B. Moore
California Ode

Lani O'Hanlon
This Other Thing

Nome Emeka Patrick
Sylvia Plath as an Old Story Title for Learning to Fight Depression Where the Semiotics Simply Suggest That a Garden Illustrates Peace as a Foreshadow Rather Than as a Vivid Depiction of?

Alison C. Rollins
At Least a Dozen Bluets
Parable of the Goldfinch

Maggie Smith
How Dark the Beginning

Terese Svoboda
Noah Hoarse

Talin Tahajian
Bad classics

Dujie Tahat
salat to be read from right to left

Jack Underwood
Poem Beginning with Lines by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The Situation
An Envelope
Alpha Step

Mia You
Gangnam Beauty

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Gabrielle Bates
The Mentor


Mei-mei Berssenbrugge


francine j. harris


James McCorkle
Franklin's Bees


Maggie Smith
How Dark the Beginning; Threshold