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Greensboro Review
Volume: 106 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Dan Albergotti
A Sort of Art

Susan Auerbach
Grief Cento

Maya Bailey-Clark
Arizona, 2018

Dorsey Craft
the Pirate Anne Bonny Goes Through Her Love's Pockets

Armen Davoudian
Travel Ban

Chelsea Dingman
No One Can Tell the Bones of the Dead from the Bones of the Living

Benjamin Gucciardi
Lines for John Berryman on the Bus from Little Mogadishu

Graham Hillard

Sally Rosen Kindred
Mast Year

Alyse Knorr
Phenomenology of Wolves

Chelsea Krieg
Callinectes Sapidus

Jennie Malboeuf
Animals in Captivity

Donovan Mcabee

Wesley Sexton
On Seeing a Bee Drink His Nectar

Felicity Sheehy

Aurora Lee Shimshak
Cover Letter for the Afterlife

Poets of Interest in this issue: