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Volume: 37 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Colleen Baran
Ava, Averring
Hush Us
Mia, Measuring

Ali Black
The Women in My Family All Clean the Same

Conor Bracken
With My Unborn Child at the Ameican States Wrestling Association "Spring Sting"

Jack Christian
Night Porch

Caroline Crumpacker
Everyday Idol
I Need to Tell You

Cynthia Cruz

Jeff Dolven
Please Take Me with You

Keith Donnell
Huck Finn Sound Translation

Kate Garklavs
TV Date

Katherine Gibbel
Take them! Take all my little squares!

Robin Gow
We Play Life

Jorie Graham

Myronn Hardy
Fanon in Tunis After Tunis

Kathleen Hellen

Michael Hurley
The Extras

Rami Karim
The Closer You Look the Fast I Disappear

Anastasios Karnazes
Plastic by Time

Ada Limon
Abecedarian for the Future
After the Agument Grass Grows
Jar of Scorpions

Lauren Milici
Eve Was Framed

Rajiv Mohabir

Madeleine Mori

MeeRee Orlandini
The Only Way We Talk About It

Suphil Lee Park
From the Waterfront the Horizon Always a You

Sal Randolph
[hold on hold too above waiting don't want]
[blew over said on a stone need to make]
[hoping so hope can't erased one day call]
[there for never lost and when there alone]
[shuddering found when louder sing louder]

Jon Ruseki

Chelsi Sayti
A Porch Collapses at a Party in Morgantown, West Virginia

Alana Solin

Jordan Stempleman
from 70 Entries

Rosie Stockton
No Means
Before the Sentence Begins

Ojo Taiye
Translation Book for a Child Between Countries

Brittany Tomaselli
Sometimes in prosperous circumstances, the sky north of the state grows older and not so well

Zoe Tuck
The Book of Bella: Canta 6

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

Emma Wippermann
Apologetics #5
Apologetics #7

Y. L. Xue
Success, Nominative
Trot, Canter, Gallop

S. Yarberry
From 1000 Names for a Day

Felicia Zamora

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jorie Graham


Rosie Stockton
No Means; Before the Sentence Begins


Emma Wippermann
Apologetics #5; Apologetics #7