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32 Poems
Volume: 17.2 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Lisa Angelella
Wild Life

Conor Bracken
On Leaving Texas

Will Brewbaker
The Rules of the Game

Rick Bursky
The Sinking Ship Spiritual

Brian Komei Dempster
Stunted Crop

Kerry James Evans

Rebecca Foust

John Glowney

Raye Hendrix
Home Movie from Before Her Diagnosis

Stephanie Horvath
The Rookery

Lisa Huffaker
Tarantula at Big Ben

Jim Johnstone
Two Sleep Through

Stephen Kampa
Talking Heads

Lance Larsen
The Bread and Water of It

John McCarthy
Our Once Content Father Recalls a Party He Once Hosted Before He Had a Child to Lose

Owen McLeod
Sonnet to My Inheritance

Mary B. Moore
A Kind of Muse

Carl Phillips
Initial Descent
In a Low Voice, Slowly

Dannye Romine Powell
Once We Had a Daughter
She's Missing

Brooke Sahni
Language Lesson

Adrienne Su
Serve Immediately

Kelly Grace Thomas
Almost Forty

Rushi Vyas
Love Story with Rolex

H. R. Webster
The Calf

Lesley Wheeler
Deferred Action

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Kerry James Evans


Lance Larsen
The Bread and Water of It


Carl Phillips
Initial Descent; In a Low Voice, Slowly