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Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Volume: 21.2 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Liza Achilles
Sonnet 130
Sonnet 129

Zeina Azzam
Nafas in the Kitchen
To the Israeli Officer Who X-Rayed and Swabbed Our Mother's Ashes

John Wall Barger
Gerry & Ray
A Hive
School Bully Song

Donald Berger
Dear Eastern

Susana H. Case
In the Weeds
What I Had and What I Lost
What Remains

Anne Casey
Come and find me

Grace Cavalieri

Roberto Christiano
The Snares of This World
Walking the River

Stephen Dunn
The Melancholy Sound of Fog Horns
To Merope, Somewhere in the Sky

Catherine Gonick
Visiting the Convent at San Marco
On Expecting a Notice of Eviction

Kirk Greenway
Homeward endlessly homeward (sigh)

Jonathan Harrington
The Imperial Cockroach
The South, Entropy

W. Luther Jett
The Collector
Global Warning

Mark Pawlak
Passer domesticus

Ron Riekki
There are No Black Bears in My State

David Salner
Slack Tide, Massey's Landing

Claudia Serea
When I'm Gone, I'll come Back as a Window
You Won't Know This Love
Love in the Arctic

Diana Woodcock
Coming Home to a Mangrove Forest

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephen Dunn
The Melancholy Sound of Fog Horns; To Merope, Somewhere in the Sky