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American Journal of Poetry
Volume: 9 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Susan Aizenberg
Charm Against Recollection

Carol Alexander
In New York, the Spring

Nin Andrews
An Abstinent Orgasm
The Orgasm Bitches about What People Think of Her

Daniel Aristi
Natura non constristatur

Simon Anton Nin Diego Baena

Ned Balbo
Greeting the Monarchs
The Lizards of Amherst

J. T. Barbarese
The Dying Goose

Walter Bargen
God's Juice
Lost Music
Egyptian Pole Barn

Caroline Barnes
Family Photograph Sestina
I Paint the Heaven of My Sister

Brian Beatty
Making Sense of Silence

Roy Bentley
Beauty and the Burden of Being

Paul Bergstraesser
Two Sisters Dancing

John Biguenet
The March
Song of an Older Sister

Marsha Blitzer
Missing the Mark

Sally Bliumis-Dunn
Meditation on Preparing a Soft-Boiled Egg

Bruce Bond
The Harvest
The Lost

Roger Bonner
Dead Flowers

John Bowden
Fish Sticks

Ash Bowen
The Lost Boy

Christopher Buckley
Guardian Angel
Articles of Faith

Robert Campbell
You'll Never Amount to Anything Here

Kelly Canaday
A Post-Apocalyptic Highway

Wendy Cannella
The Jersey Devil Speaks in American Sentences

Ian Cappelli
You Had Just Learned About Castle Doctrine

Richard Carr

Anthony Chalk
Postmodern End Times

Don Colburn
This Time

Brendan Constantine
The Lost Poem
If Time
Please Rate Your Inexperience

Peter Cooley

Morri Creech
The Sentence
House of Correction

Peter J. Curry
Incident on the Bridge
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Dreaming of Lillian Gish

Barbara Daniels

Jim Daniels
To Tell You the Truth
Nursing the Wounds
Ode to My Father's Bowling Balls
Lifetime High

R. C. deWinter
family picnic

Anthony DiMatteo

John Philip Drury
Curriculum Vitae

Denise Duhamel
What Would Cheesy Rice Do?
Fry Daddy

Bobby K. Fauna

Emma Fenton
Glossary of Bruises

Scott Ferry
kidneys (shaoyin)
brain (sea of marrow)

Gary Fincke
The Nuclear Age: The Early Years
After the Election News, Human Subjects

George Franklin
The Angel of Sorrow Drinks Wine in the Tavern
The Angel of Sorrow Describes the World to Come
The Angel Leaves

Ian Ganassi
Utility Belt
Open Conspiracies

David Garyan
Heading West

Christien G. Gholson
Solutions for the End of the World

Robert Gibb
Lament for the Cardinals

Stephen Gibson
Love in a Time of Plague
Multiple Pieta
1975 AP Photo from Cambodia

Michael Goodfellow

George Guida
Tuesday Evening

Ian T. Hall

John Hamel

Ellis Hampton
The Convention of Us

Lois Marie Harrod
That Night

Lola Haskins
Walking at Night

Tyler Heath

William Heath
Guru Maharaj Ji

Max Heinegg

Dennis Hinrichsen
[To Nicanor Parra at the Edge of Time] [w/ Scotty Moore on Guitar]

John Hodgen

Matt Hohner
Vacancy Inspection, Bachman Valley Road

Diane Hueter
Annie Oakley on her Death Bed

Charles Hughes

Henry Hughes
Our Drinking
The Teaching of Sergeant Dark

Jonathan Kline
After the Funeral
Public School

Lynne Knight
Manifesto Written in an Expense of Spirit
The Quiet Ones

Kip Knott
Tonight I Drink Alone

Sheree La Puma

Kaci Skiles Laws
Mama Rage

Sydney Lea
Animate Objects: A Corona Quarantine Sequence

Paul Daniel Lee
Poem for a Future Anthropologist

Julia Levine
Make of Me a Metaphor That Does Not Depend on Violence

Xiaoly Li
Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Timothy Liu
All-time Low
Hot Spots

William Logan
Sauks at Jefferson Barracks, 1834
All Points Bulletin
Lord of the Manor

Michael Lynch
When I Consider How My Liver Is Spent

Mary Makofske
Tuck Fear in a Pocket

Michael Martin
It Won't Be Easy
Balloon Dog

Deborah McAlister
Pandemic Dream #7

Brendan McEntee
Reading Ray Carver

no vacancies

Peter Meinke
Da Vinci Rondeau
Aria to 'La Donna' in Rigoletto

Michael Meyerhofer
Columbus Day

David P. Miller
Mutual Encouragement

Robert Miltner
Book of Ghosts
The Tunnel

Juan Mobili
The Witness

Berwyn Moore
The Banker's Wife Croons Fear

Fred Muratori
Afforestation Ode
Empiricism 101
The Amnesiac's Scrapbook

Paul Nelson
A Rescue

Paul Nemser
Near-Sonnet with Homunculus

Lorrie Ness
Mama's Uniform

Dustin Nightingale
the Pop D.J. Request Hour
The Traveling Circus
To the Woman Running Against the Dark
Letter to the Editor
The Reverend in the Lighthouse

Edward Nudelman

Christina Olson
After the Tragedy
Heavy Weather Moves Through
Jury Selection
[we moved to a city]

Katiane Olson

Kirby Olson

Robert Parham
Days of Light and Dark

Ilari Pass

Cheryl Passanisi

Luke Patterson
Wilderness Survival

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Key Largo, Nightfall
Cognate, Port Largo
Cytokine Storm, the Croc in Plague Time

Alexandria Peary
Landfill Basics, The White Paper
Bowl of Fruit No. 1

Kate Peper
A Parasitic Twin Talks to His Brother

George Perreault

Marc Pietrzykowski
Migrations Large and Small
Will the Circle be Unbroken
Things Ain't What They Used to Be

Kenneth Pobo
Theme for English C
Some Revisionist History

Homero Pumarol
A Hero for Our Times

Lawrence Raab
Moment by Moment
One of Those Secret Lives
A Little Music

James Redfern
Evaporation Pools
they use meat hooks

LA Renza
Pandimiki Metafora

Ron Riekki
Merry Crisis
An Amublance Crashed into Another Ambulance
After working seventy hours again for what exhaustion

Brad Rose
Same-Day Delivery

Michael Salcman
A Memory of Malaga

Nicholas Samaras
Instructions for Children Who Consider Running Away [24]
Instructions for Children Who Consider Running Away [28]
Instructions for Children Who Consider Running Away [30]
Instructions for Children Who Consider Running Away [31]
Instructions for Children Who Consider Running Away [32]
Instructions for Children Who Consider Running Away [34]
Instructions for Children Who Consider Running Away [37]

Linda Scheller
Birthday Party: 1966

Michael Schmeltzer
Gibbous. Crescent. Cruel.
In the Valley of Snow Water is Criminal

E. M. Schorb
My War with Roaches

Heidi Seaborn
All I Ever Wanted
Following the Script

Judith Skillman
A Landscaped Garden, for the Addict

Floyd Skloot
Pocket Billiards, Long Beach NY, 1958

Ron Smith
Public Servant, Country Squire

Mark Spitzer
Plastic Plasma Paradox
Upon Hearing a Comment at the P.O. During a Global Pandemic

Marjorie Stelmach
In All True Elixirs

Shelby Stephenson
Long Ago: Writing Sorrow's Bargain
The Graveyard Across the Road

Ron Stottlemyer
Sitting Ducks

Mo Lynn Stoycoff
Love Letter to Tom Waits

Aaron Jacob Styza

Kirk Swearingen
On William Tyndale

Larissa Szporluk

Phil Tabakow
Obituary for a Parallel Universe

Adam Tavel
Belated Elegy for Paul Taylor, Tory Loyalist, Lynched in 1780
At Birth

Dylan Taylor

Richard Terrill
The New Poetry

Susan Terris

Lynne Thompson
The Blue Haze

Richard Tillinghast
The Boar
A flutter of fabric

Matthew A. Toll
Let Me

William Trowbridge
Fool Under the Big Top
Mutiny on the Bounty: The Secret Report

Alison Turner
from The Covid Notebooks

M. A. Untch
Fresh Kill

David van den Berg
Prosperity Gospel Blues

Eileen Van Hook
Broken Limb

Maryfrances Wagner
Raccoon on the Path

J. E. A. Wallace
A Tale of Complicated Shivering

LaWanda Walters
Canoe on the Chesapeake

Donna Weaver
A Basket & a Bag

Jonah Winter
The Horseshoe Curve
Eve of St. Agnes
Problematic Sestina

Robert Wrigley
After the Big Melt

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
The Harvest; Authentic; The Lost; Scar


Julia Levine
Make of Me a Metaphor That Does Not Depend on Violence


Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Key Largo, Nightfall; Cognate, Port Largo; Cytokine Storm, the Croc in Plague Time


Marjorie Stelmach
Flyover; In All True Elixirs


Larissa Szporluk