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Under a Warm Green Linden
Volume: 5 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

David Axelrod
Song of Extinctions

Devon Balwit
Whereupon I Finally Understand the Allure of the Pornographic
East Egg

Hugh Behm-Steinberg
from an end is the towards to

Erika Brumett
Panties Left in a Cemetery

Jennifer Bullis
Landscape with Pink Hats

Lauren Camp
Hours of Brightness

Greg Casale
Essex Hemphill & Robert Mapplethorpe Meet in Hades: A Duel

Laura Da'
Cross Stitch Primer

Alejandro Escude
Fifty Rounds

Jeff Ewing
Mountain Misery

Michael Hettich
Another Time
The Lucky One

Dennis Hinrichsen
[Alzheimer's] [raw footage] [afternoon]
[zona pellucida]
[Alzheimer's] [anatomy of an action as lost text]

Safia Jama
This Old House

Eleanor Kedney
The Study of Rivers

Kasandra Larsen
The Dinner Bells

Patrick T. Reardon
How Puzzle the Prayer
The lost tribes

Matthew Schnirman
Zac breaks with spring

Jeffrey Skinner
Prospero's Happiness

J. R. Solonche
Soon It Will Be Spring

Carolyn Williams-Noren
My Thumb Instead of a Grapefruit

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