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Volume: 18 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Jessica Abughattas
Dinner Party
Little Dune

Kelly Boyker
When I Was Laura Palmer
Donna to Laura Palmer
B O B to Laura Palmer

Dorothy Chan
Ode if Your Love Language is Physical Touch
Recipe for Lover #4
Recipe for Rudeness
Triple Sonnet for Corn Soup
Triple Sonnet for Studmuffins Wraped in Bacon

Carl-Christian Elze
something reaches inside you
slowly fading in the labyrinth

William Evans
How to Assimilate
My Lyft Driver Says You Shouldn't Call Your Children Smart
Sharks and Minnows

Rodney Gomez
Arsenal with Praise Song
Landscape with Refusal
Theories of Violence

S. N. Hale'ole
A chant for Kekalukaluokewa

Matt Hart
In an Ordinary Way
It Isn't Really Clear Who's in Charge
Machine Workers Local
When I'm By Myself I'm Very Different Than I Am

Bob Hicok
Career day

Poems of Separation from One Hundred Poems of the Dharma Gate

Michael Mark
It's not a Syrian child washed up on the beach its

Jennifer Militello
Homesickness Is a Geographic Nostalgia
The Punishment of One Is the Love Song of Another

Teo Mungaray
On My Birthday I Witness a Car Accident and Can't Help But Call It a Metaphor

James O'Bannon
and now the doctor asks if depression is a family

Yamini Pathak

Sohrab Sepehri
A Slump of Rain
Imagine, Friend
Seed Time

Sean Singer
Blood Pressure
Drive (dir. By Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011)

Annette Wong

Lauren Yarnall
I Like My Men
Mouth Full of White Flags,

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Matt Hart
In an Ordinary Way; It Isn't Really Clear Who's in Charge; Machine Workers Local; Skulling; When I'm By Myself I'm Very Different Than I Am


Bob Hicok
Career day; Kriah; Postcard