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Volume: 9 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Simon Anton Nin Diego Baena
In Progress

Jeaneatte Beebe
Flash Bulb

Holly Day
In Patience

Mac Gay
Real Churches

Tresha Faye Haefner
What Is the Purpose of Your Trip?

Ditta Baron Hoeber
part iv

James Croal Jackson
Horoscope - May 13, 2017

Philip Jason
from The Book of the Memory of the Stars

Kate Murr
Of the Home
Myth of Separation

Jessica Murray
Compassion Machine

Remi Recchia

Demi Richardson
Yellow House, Well Furnished

Kelly R. Samuels
Isle de Jean Charles
Fukushima and Other Departures

Anna Sandy
Look At It This Way
The Hand That Feeds

Heidi Seaborn
Dead Sea

Kelly Grace Thomas
Omid tells me You've Been Looking Less Puffy Lately
My Father Named the Boat Romance

Poets of Interest in this issue: