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Anti-Heroin Chic
Volume: 13 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Bill Abbott

Bill Arnott
Up Here
Down Here

Shannon Austin
Never Where You Left It
Werewolf During a Lunar Eclipse
The Lake

Shane Brant
The Logos

Courtney Brooks

Charles Byrne
Free Will
My Mother's Purse
Having killed myself, having lost myself

Alice Carlill

Yuan Changming
Hocus Pocus

Ankita Chatterjee
For You Blue
Salad Days

Alston Cobourn
A Reflection on Self-Medicating
Rooms That Had No Doors
Inappropriate Daughter

Joe Cottonwood
Chachoo: Good Work Is Good Work
Morning, Chancellor's Handyman

Donna Dallas
A bullet was best

Kiki Dy
The Last All You Can Eat
Abbey Hated My Boyfriends

Susan Falco
Almost Dawn in the Bluff
Dear Burroughs

Renee Firer

Joseph Goosey
In Which Pleasure Elf Reads an Article Stating One Need Not Panic About Passing Mental Illness Onto Children

David Hanlon
Inhaling the sky

Marc Harshman
Further and Further
On the Way Down

The Retrogression of Self
(This) Isn't It
The Love X Y and Z
Things You'll Find When I Die

Elisabeth Horan
Blinding. Yeah.

Stephen House
queer me

Paul Kohn
Precious Pieces

jojo Lazar
Goddess Misandry
"I still witch"
Perverts for expensive
"Give an emo haunting?"
Intimate revelations
A La Louise Brooks
I Was a Teenage LiveJournal Faerie

Jasmine Ledesma
Winter, 2009
Ode to Vomit

Gina Lomas
Piece 2
Piece 3
Piece 6

Matthew MacDermant
Memories and Reveries
Taking Space
Learning to Cry

Maeve McKenna
Cat Mirror
Bullet Proof

Juan Mobili
The Wish
They Thought They Were Angels

Blanka Pesja
Island of Silence

Kushal Poddar
The Most Rained
Monkey's Paw

Ann Privateer
If only

Brian Rihlmann
Between Man and Beast

Monica Rowley
I Come Washed and Ruddy
Old Voice Asking

David Sabol
Tartarus Easter State Penitentiary
Shiva Penweaver
Mental Illness as Tempest

Daire Shaw
For Redacted

Tom Simmons
At the Gym

Darcy Smith
Did You See Him

John Sweet
wait forever

Terrence Sykes
Sonata & Fugue for Buzzard in Flight

John Tustin
The Angels Burst from My Chest
The Fallacy of Humanity
This Is My Death

T. A. Young
Efstoons in poetspeak

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marc Harshman
Further and Further; On the Way Down