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Anti-Heroin Chic
Volume: 12 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Ellen Austin-Le
Winter Solstice
Loss Palindrome

Allison Blevins
As I read my wife's text messages
Memoir of Gray

Leonie Charlton
To My Body - Some of You Has Had More Light

Abby Cothran
To Jessica, Part 1
To Jessica, Part 2
To Jessica, Part 3

Joshua Davis
Case Number B9406017
In Our Movie about Virginia Woolf

Juleigh Howard-Hobson
The Promise
An Aubade, of a Sort

Tom C. Hunley

Linda Imbler
Advice One Can Use
A Message from Mom
The Gifting

Stephen Jackson
Joshua [Every Fourth of July]

Una Saint James
Dial-a-Phone Memories

Betsy Mars
Today I forsake the company of people

Ruby McCann
I'm still considering

Kenneth Pobo

Jon Riccio
My Friend Devon Asks What I Get out of Church

Brian Rihlmann
I'll Be Right Back

Jeannie E. Roberts
As If the Sea Opened Its Loving Arms for You
When Dogs Bark, the Road I Walk

David Spicer
The Promise

Jeri Thompson
He is more than whaat I made of him

Alan Walowitz
First Assignment
In a Corner of the Camargue

Lucy Whitehead

Lanika Yule
Black Lung

Poets of Interest in this issue: