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Volume: 8 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Devon Balwit
Always Crashing the Same Car
How We Differ

Jack B. Bedell
Last Island, 1856

Nandini Dhar

Sonia Greenfield
Useless Bay

Catie Hannigan
River's Babble

Amanda Hope
At the End of the Age of Mammals

B. B. P. Hosmillo
from "I Came from Planet Pluto"

Jeanne Obbard

W. E. Pasquini
She Opens the Curtains at Night

Susan Rich
"You've Always Had the Power--"

Peter Schireson
The Salt

Robert Walicki
Spookie Pizza Friday

Sam Herschel Wein
Leave Your Legacy at the Door

John Sibley Williams
Under Flightpath

Poets of Interest in this issue: