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Laek Effect
Volume: 23 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Levi Andalou
from State of the Wards

Megan Arlett
In the Ural Mountains, a Woman with No Tongue

Grace Bauer
Highway 2 Mirage

William Cullen
Another Season

John Dudek
Variations: Barn Fire

Gary Fincke
The Infinity Room

John Gallaher
And That Which Is Here and That Which Is Beyond

Robert Gibb
Dutch Treat

Jeff Gundy
Soft Tissue

Lola Haskins
On Reasoning

Michael Hurley

Alyssa Jewell
Before the World Ends, I Paint the Riverside

Angie Macri
The Dry Farm, Gold as a Cross on the Chruch Wall, Radiates in What's Left of the Town

Al Maginnes
Einstein's Violin

T. J. McLemore
Love Poem: Pareidolia

Ken Meisel
Under God (the Angels Discuss Our Music)

Philip Memmer
The God of Error
The God of Doubt

Joy Moore
Driving to the Train Station

Ryan Myer
Guidelines for Getting Closer

Frank Paino
The Execution of Mata Hari
Rainbow Valley

Steven Reese
The Minotaur and the Maps

David Ruekberg

Susannah Sheffer
The Struggle of the Two Natures in Man

David Shumate
Facing Aeschylus
End of the Year

Marjorie Stelmach

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John Gallaher
And That Which Is Here and That Which Is Beyond


Marjorie Stelmach