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Moon City Review
Volume: 2020 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Gale Acuff
Let Me Call You

Walter Bargen
Swing of Things

B. J. Best
from Ornithology

Melissa Boston
Pastime: A narrative

Savannah Bradley
Service of the Light

AM Brant
Before the Iron

Jason Lee Brown
Fresh Stimulation

Sarah Browning
A Beautiful Evening for Baseball

Justin Carter
Memory in Which We Stare Through the Window

Clayton Adam Clark
Algal Bloom

Christine Delea
John Steinbeck Delivers My Mail

Regina DiPerna
The Midwestern Book of the Dead

Dawn Dupler

Taylor Fedorchak
Wanting to drive to Roswell with him

Jeannine Hall Gailey
Every Timme I Take Another Cancer Test, I Feel the Universe
July 5, 2019
Self-Portrait as Fifties Hygiene Film

John Gallaher
Elegy for the Oil Industry

Justin Jannise
What I'm Into

Christen Noel Kauffman
They Took the First Photo of?

Danielle Kortla
Dead Dog Corridor

Marcia LeBeau

Gary Leising
Something's in the Yard, Moving

Elizabeth Leo
A Method to Push Back, Hard

Tessa Livingstone
Edinburgh, 1948
Traveling Along the Trace

Angie Macri
In the garden without trees

Liz Marlow
Elegy for the Orphans in Minsk

Autumn McClintock

Jessica Mehta
Horn OK Please

Owen Neace
Holding Back Elegy

Willy Palomo
The Coming of Your Firstborn?

Kimberly Ann Priest
The Scrape

Rebecca Schumejda
Sweet Fruit

Karaline Stamper
Let's Not Talk About the Feathers

Daryl Sznyter
Over Coffee

Nancy Takacs
Making Up

Hannah Warren
Slipping Between Dimensions?

Sam Herschel Wein
I Showed You a Poem About?

Terin Weinberg
Sonnet (1)

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John Gallaher
Elegy for the Oil Industry