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Foothill Poetry Journal
Volume: 9 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Janan Alexandra
ghazal for a kiss
silent room of lost tongues

Jai Hamid Bashir
On Lightness

Tara Fietz
last Sunday I found myself

Mitchell Glazier

William Godbey
Paris is Burning
Welcome to the Stoop

Jacob Griffin Hall

Ellie Jackson
Portrait of a girl based on the contents of her pocket

Bridget A. Lyons
Sliding into Scutes

Carson McCain

M. Daniel McCrotty
Full Day Blow

Ana Pugatch
Orange, Truly

Dani Putney
My Mom Was a Picture Bride

Harmony Scaglione
Dancing for Degas

Kimberly Ann Southwick
A Cyclone of Her Own

Taylor Supplee
A kind of wingage

McKenzie Teter
Garlic Grew from the Ceiling

D. S. Waldman

Poets of Interest in this issue: