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Volume: 11 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Joshua Aiken
The Timetable for My Freedom
The drought is still coming even if the drougth has always been

Tara Boswell
A cartoon monster

Connor Fisher

Maria Flaccavento
RIP Nicole

Shane Kowalski
Two Stories from Another Place
I Thought of the Movie Carrie

Rachel Mindell
Cougar in her car
What Sailing

Sara Peck
Your Body Turns Immense

Ines Pujos
The Body Stands No Chance

Nathaniel Rosenthalis
Harnessed to a Harsh Way of Thinking
A Miniature of Non-Apology
The Infinite Perspective of the Drab Future
The Mayor Writes a Letter
The Use of Want

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Ines Pujos
The Body Stands No Chance