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Briar Cliff Review
Volume: 32 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Mark Aiello

Christopher Todd Anderson
Ghosting the Machine

Deborah Bacharach
Between IVF Treatments, My Best Friend Explains

Matthew Baker
Genetic Troy (Addiction)

K. B. Ballantine
Shaped by Sadness

Jennifer Battiste
Crying Wolf

Lysbeth Em Benkert
Red Hibiscus

Jodi Boulton

Nacy Lael Braun
Inside Out

Amber Rose Crowtree
While You Sleep, I Write

Chris Dempsey
Ordinary Miracles

Barbara Duffey
I Hate and I Love

Monic Dutcan

Mark Ellis
The Robin Cries for Free

David Allan Evans
In Sync in a Shopko Parking Lot

Mary Fitzpatrick
Last Heat

Alisha Goldblatt
Another Sunday Massacre

Tom Hansen

AE Hines
How Could He Do It?

Dar Humi

Sean Lause

Matt Mason
What You Love

Melanie Krieps Mergen
I rose my bicycle

Jed Myers
Call them Swifts

Lindy Obach
Have a Daughter

Doug Ramspeck
Love Poem at the Speed of Glaciers

Mona Toiresa O Loideain Rochelle

Marjorie Saiser
The Deer in the Road

Jean-Mark Sens
Hide and Seek

D. James Smith

Laura Stott
In Shyness, In Agra

Andrew Vogel

Connemara Wadsworth

Tony Whedon
The Argument

Claude Wilkinson

John Sibley Williams
Emmett Till
Edward Hopper

Norma Wilson
My Brief Captivity

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Doug Ramspeck
Love Poem at the Speed of Glaciers