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Briar Cliff Review
Volume: 30 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Jack B. Bedell
Snake Pit

William Bonfiglio
Into Agate

Gaylord Brewer

Margie Chardiet

Chris Childers
Frames for My Father

Christina Clark

Lauren Coggins
"Pick Yourself Up"

Jack Cooper
Looking On

Christopher Crew
One into Two

Brian Cronwall
February on Kaua'i

Heidi Czerwiec
At Body Worlds

Elaine Erikson

Joseph Fasano

Aaron Fischer
In Memoriam: SKM

Elton Glaser
Northern Discomforts

Jody Hartkopp
Yahtzee and Great Grandma Chief

Ted Hazelgrove
Riding for Ilium

Ted Kooser
60th Reunion Banquet

Rustin Larson

Lyn Lifshin

Kim Lozano
The Spirit of '76

Matt Mason
When the Day Turns Beautiful

Kyle McCord
Portrait of Lost Glasses

Angelica Mercado
El Valiente

Julie L. Moore

Alex Mouw
Praying a Way out of the Problem

Jeanne Obbard
Snow Calculations

Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Sonia Perea-Morales
Mourning Maire

Marjorie Saiser
Weren't We Beautiful

Xiao Yue Shan
the worth of a woman's life in china

Marjorie Stelmach
Canticle of Thirst

Ann Struthers
Rewriting the Story: Palinode

Lillo Way
Charming a Snake in the Woods

Frederick Wilbur
(Presume Significance)

John Sibley Williams

Norma Wilson
To an Underwing Moth

Maja Zmyslowski
The Murder Birds of Heron Island

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Kyle McCord
Portrait of Lost Glasses


Ricardo Pau-Llosa


Marjorie Stelmach
Canticle of Thirst