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Foothill Poetry Journal
Volume: 8 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Ashanti Anderson
Cleaning Up Men's Messes
Mamie Till on Carolyn Bryant's Confession

Rachel Pesavento Brownell

Reilly D. Cox
Sargon Inherits Tashlutum's Insomnia
Sargon Falls into a Deep Slumber
Even as Rubble, My Brother

Emily Ellison
at the airport I mistake a weeping woman for my mother
the sun and I, no nuns
you hold luna

Jill Mceldowney

Nicholas Molbert
Walmart, Hurrican Season
A Few Wishes for the One Who Has Me Last

Stacey Park

Inez Tan
Not Cute
I Am Trying to Care about You as a Perons but You Keep Turning Me into a Bear
Work and Idolatry

Alexandra Umlas
Vista del Sol

Korey Williams

Mia S. Willis

Andrew Wittstadt
Belly Aches
You and Mary Fold Laundry on the Piece-of-Shit Drop-Down Ironing Baord Her Father Installed Over the Kitchen Door

Poets of Interest in this issue: